Major Newcastle News Stories – May 12th, 2007

Here are the major news stories associated with the Newcastle club for today – in no particular order of priority.


  • There’s big news today in many reports about Shepherd meeting with Sam Allardyce in London yesterday. We have our own piece on this .
    A good report in the Guardian which goes into more detail on the meeting.We think this is good news and that Allardyce was the first and only choice as manager.

    This is certainly the major news story on Newcastle today.

  • This one hit the wires yesterday and it’s Freddy Shepherd caught off guard when being asked by a couple of Liverpool fans if they can have Owen back. There’s nothing sinister in it and Freddy says a couple of times that Owen is driven and a good lad. He blames Owen’s agents as much as anybody.Freddy is caught using the four letter word a couple of times. Here’s the piece in the Daily Mail – and here’s the video clip.
  • A report in today’s Journal where cricketer Steve Harmison (a big Newcastle fan) pleads with Owen not to leave Newcastle – and gives some views on various topics including that we need 6-8 new players in the summer.The bad news? He wants to keep Bramble! 🙁
  • A long article in the Northern Echo quoting Nigel Pearson as stating that Michael Owen is driven to become a Newcastle hero – plus the Shepherd quotes that Michael is a good lad.If he is driven to become a Newcastle hero – how come he’s so quiet – amid the swirling rumors on his future?
  • There’s a good article in the Sun on Shepherd’s meeting with Big Sam. See the sunglasses – not sure it was much of a disguise.
    But it would appear that Shepherd and Allardyce are cut from the same cloth and will get on just fine. It’s a good read.
  • Finally there’s a piece we have added on an interview with Alan Shearer- where he gives a glowing reference to Big Sam – it’s very interesting.

Those – briefly – are the major news stories today – let us know your thoughts and opinions on these.