Allardyce Will Quickly Sort Out Dubious Newcastle Players

There are multiple reports in today’s papers of discontent within the ranks of the Newcastle squad – but we wonder if all of this is not blown out of proportion – since it’s that time of a vacuum between managers.

We’ll look at who’s supposed to be in hot water – but we think once Sam Allardyce comes in – he will sort things out quickly – by either sorting them out personally (which he has been known to do!) – or putting them up for transfer.


Big Sam

We think we have a good core of players at Newcastle around which Allardyce can strengthen the team and the overall squad.
Players like Given, Taylor, Parker, Butt, Milner and Owen are all good players. That’s the spine of the team – and any good team has great players in the middle – we seem to have a good lot right now.

Our midfield and forwards are good – so let’s consider some of them – who have been in the news for the wrong reasons this week.

There are a number of players presumably in hot water right now – but we think this could be blown out of all proportion and we would expect Sam to calm things down very quickly.

Let’s consider some of the cases in point:

  • Charles N’Zogbia as we have mentioned before there has been trouble for N’Zogbia ever since Damien Duff was briought in – we didn’t need another left winger – and that seemed typically bad Newcastle planning – but we got him for a good price.
    N’Zogbia is still only 20 and with the strong management skills that Sam possesses – we would expect the problem to evaporate once Sam has taken Charles aside. We hope that happens.If not then there are plenty of bidders for Charles and he could go for ₤6M.
  • Oba Martins has been one of the few successes we have had in big money signings. He seemed to behave himself this last season but has gone missing twice – once after the Watford game – and once when he didn’t turn up for the Nigerian National side – he went to visit his sick mother in Nigeria instead – but didn’t tell the officials.
    Of course a lot about who goes is how Sam rates them – and right now we don’t know too much about that – but we’d like to keep Martins.
  • Michael Owen – we’ve talked about this a lot – and we don’t expect Michael to leave Newcastle – whatever the reports say. We’re sure Allardyce wants to keep him too – and think he will. Let’s face it Michael is world class when he’s fit.
    If he leaves Michael will have a dark stain over his character – at least at Newcastle – and he surely doesn’t want that.
  • Kieron Dyer – we’ve been disappointed with Dyer in the last 10 or so games of the season. When he came back in October he looked a new player – but lately he has looked tired and certainly has not played well. This is the time for Sam to take a good hard look at him – since he would bring money in the transfer market.We would expect Dyer either to be sold – or show a whole new positive attitude under Allardyce – one or the other.
    He owes Newcastle big time – but seems not to realize that.

These are good players who are in some way uncertain as to whether Allardyce will keep them or not.

Not so with the defense and apart from Given (and Harper), Taylor, Solano and Ramage (plus youngsters Edgar and Huntington) he can sell the rest – or let them go.
This is one area we want to see completely overhauled and there are lots and lots of names on who could be coming in.

There’s always a certain excitement when a new era is about to start – and there’s always a sense of anticipation that great things are just around the corner.

While we have to keep our feet on the ground – it’s exciting to at least think we can have a very good team again – we think we will – and sooner rather than later.

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  • Arthur Prince

    May 15, 2007 at 9:55 AM

    Comment #1

    Good assessment . I hope he keeps experienced players like Nicky Butt who has done well this year and deserves to stay . I think Big Sam will do very well and with the support of the Fantastic Fan base and money in the transfer market I expect to see a transformation . Get rid of the wasters and bring on the youngsters who do look as if they want to play for the club . No room for Prima Donnas at NUFC in my book

  • Ed Harrison

    May 15, 2007 at 9:08 PM

    Comment #2

    Arthur – couldn’t have said it better – great comment.
    Sam comes over as being priveleged to be the Newcastle manager – he’s much better in communicating than I thought – he knows exactly what he wants to do – can’t be bad.


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