Major Newcastle News Stories – 20th May 2007

Here are the major news stories associated with the Newcastle club for today – in no particular order of priority.


  • News story in the Observer that Chelsea will be after Newcastle target Ben Haim. Chelsea were after Ben Haim in January and seem ready to go after him again as center back cover for Terry and Carvallho. We hope Sam is not relaxing too much in Spain – we need to get one or two good people in quickly – and Ben Haim would be an excellent acquisition for Newcastle.
    The advantage we have over Chelsea is we’ll pay Ben Haim more – he’ll play more at Newcastle – and Big Sam is here – who give him his first chance at Bolton.
    Ben Haim
  • Great story in the Sunday Sun by Neil Farrington on Sam Allardyce – stress in football (really ?) – and why Sam thinks he can succeed at Newcastle.
    There’s no doubt that because of the football passion in the area, the lack of success for 40 years, and the frustration caused by no success – the Newcastle manager job is very stressful and a challenge. Even though Souness was not a success at Newcastle he knew it was the top manager job outside the big four. Sam says he’s a good communicator – and boy he’s right there. His interviews show him to be very intelligent and driven – and passionate for what he wants to do at Newcastle. A lot of us think the players at Newcastle will be different players under Sam and will produce their best form for him.
    If Sam is a success he will be able to walk 2 inches off the ground and will be more than a hero at Newcastle. He knows that – and seems determined to do whatever necessary to make Newcastle winners again – that has a great ring to it 😀
    Sam Allardyce
  • A piece in the Sunday Sun that says Viduka will re-sign for Middlebrough and therefore will not be coming to Newcastle. That seems sensible – if Boro (Southgate did a very good job in his first season – much better than new England manager McClaren) can get Jonathon Woodgate to stay – it sends out a good message to other players and it would make sense for Viduka to stay at the Boro.
    With Keane at Sunderland, Southgate at Boro and Big Sam at Newcastle we have three good managers in the North East area – then the question will be – who’ll be top dog next May?
    Mark Viduka
  • A short piece in the Sunday Sun suggests over 67% are happy with the appointment of Big Sam as Newcastle manager. When he was appointed there were more skeptics – but since taking over Sam has shown he knows what’s needed at Newcastle – and seems to be a better choice than most initially thought.
    As we have said before his communication skills are excellent – as in “No Charles – you’ll not walk out the Dressing Room when named as sub – while I’m manager“. 😀
    Charles N’Zogbia

Those then – briefly – are the major news stories today on FA Cup Final day – let us know your thoughts and opinions on these.