Allardyce’s Backroom Structure Must Work at Newcastle

There have been many reports that Sam Allardyce is trying to raid his old Bolton staff – and get the best of them to join him at Newcastle. Bolton of course are resisting – but the likelihood is strong that Big Sam will convince some of his old staff to come to Tyneside.

One of those interesting Sam is Mark Taylor – who is currently Head of Sports Science and Medicine at Bolton and the other major one is Mike Forde who is the Performance Director at Bolton.

These are the two most significant individuals Allardyce is after – and initial reports are that despite Bolton’s attempts to persuade the two men to stay, they want to leave Bolton for Newcastle.


Big Sam Raises Victory Salute

Bolton, have already offered Forde a new position under new manager Sammy Lee and Allardyce has convinced Shepherd and the Newcastle board of the value and importance of his Bolton infrastructure.

Newcastle of course have never had any such infrastructure before – but it would be unwise not to back Allardyce’s methods in what has been a successful stint for him at Bolton.

However, some of the goodwill from Bolton towards Allardyce will be impacted by the signing of these two backroom staff.

In his initial press conference Allardyce talked about “psychological profiling” and “welfare”, not subjects the board or Freddy Shepherd are familiar with and the Newcastle structure under Allardyce will be much different than we’ve ever seen at Newcastle.


Freddy Shepherd

Newcastle, however are very keen to support Sam to the hilt. But Shepherd and the board will be looking to an immediate improvement in results because of this investment they have never made before.

Chairman Freddy Shepherd said as much last week when he said:

“The first job of the new manager is to get Newcastle back into the top six and make sure the club is playing regularly in Europe. That is the minimum we expect.”

Shepherd has never been one for too many frills and Big Sam will be judged by results on the field – like any other manager.

Once the season starts Allardyce will feel what real pressure and stress are at the club. To his credit he has already generated good will with everybody who has listened to his more than sensible discussions on various topics.

We see no reason why his infrastructure will not work at Newcastle just as famously as it did at Bolton – providing he can bring in the key personnel.

Hopefully we will be seeing Mike Forde and Mark Taylor joining Sam in the near future.

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  • reggie22

    May 21, 2007 at 11:38 AM

    Comment #1

    i say go for its nice to hear a manager come in and the first thing he wants to sort out is the club and behind the scenes it proves the best players ain’t the best team once that is in place we cant help but improve .Sam prob will raid his staff but that’s what happens in football a manager leaves takes players with him the old backroom staff loses there job and the new manager brings his own u don’t just sign and manager u sign his whole team its good to see Freddie back this as i know deep down he wants it as much as we do ! And like i said he hasn’t come in and said right where is my 50mil to waste yes Sam will spend but i think he takes alot more time than most its not oh he played well last week lets spend 15mil so what is he cant speak English or will never adapt i just want to spend it ! good luck Sam bring the glory days back

  • Ed Harrison

    May 21, 2007 at 3:23 PM

    Comment #2

    regiie22 – couldn’t have said it better myself 😀

  • Andy

    May 21, 2007 at 10:04 PM

    Comment #3

    In all honesty if they spend 10 million on back room improvements and it leads to a 15% reduction in the amount of time players spend out injured – thats a tiny price compared to having the depth of squad to cever the injury list we are always carrying.

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  • matt w

    Jun 10, 2007 at 5:29 PM

    Comment #5

    im excited at the prospect of having a high level of scientific technology and sports scientists as part of the backroom staff; maybe becuase i am currently finishing an A level in sports science and i hav seen how much of an influence this field can have on lower level and elite level performers; from injury prevention- what the individuals eat at certain stages of the day.

    i just hope tht BSA impliments what he had at bolton here at newcastle


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