Newcastle Board Requesting Ashley Meeting is Precurser to Sale

It is being reported by the BBC that the Newcastle United board have requested a meeting with prospective owner Mike Ashley – presumably for next Wednesday – to discuss his plans for the club.

English Billionaire Ashley bought up Sir John Hall’s 41.6 per cent stake in Newcastle for £55million and has since tabled a £133 million offer for total control of the club – which is equivalent to 100p per share.


Mike Ashley and Sir John Hall

Freddy Shepherd has been reported as interested to hear Ashley’s plans before agreeing to the sale of his holding of 29.8% of the club.

We feel this is excellent news and is the precursor to Shepherd than announcing – maybe immediately after the meeting – that he will sell his shares – and recommending to the remaining share-holders they do the same.

As we reported this morning – Sir John Hall has backed Ashley to take the club to the next level – and the fact that the club’s board are keen to hear Ashley’s plans for themselves – must be viewed as good news at the very least.

Mike Ashley and his team now have the golden chance to present to the board what their plans are for the club – and if it’s anything like we have heard in the press – the board will have a very hard job turning them down.

The fact they are willing to meet with Ashley and team at all – shows they are not stiff-arming Ashley – and believe it is a genuine and good offer.

It would not surprise us if – by the end of next week – the deal is done.

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  • Steve Mills

    May 25, 2007 at 7:33 PM

    Comment #1

    Couldn’t agree more. Its just what we need. The club needed a big lift after last season. I think its important that we start with a clean slate next season. We’ve still got the nucleus of a good squad if we can keep them fit. If we can rebuild the defence I’m confident we can get a uefa space next season.

    P.S Just started reading and its a good quality of articles and views. Keep up the good work.

    Steve (York) England

  • Soren

    May 25, 2007 at 9:19 PM

    Comment #2

    This surely is great news! The sooner the better.


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