Who Sould Sam Still Dump at Newcastle?

Sam Allardyce is starting to identify the players he is bringing into the club for next season but we believe there are still some players who need to be moved out.

This may not happen until August after Sam has had a look at some of them. Of course before then some players may seek pastures anew – once they know they will not be part of Sam’s plans for next season.


Sam Allardyce

Here are the players that were let go by Sam – shortly after he took over at Newcastle – we thought at the time they were the right players to be shown the door (and still do).


Titus Bramble, Pavel Srnicek, Craig Moore, Olivier Bernard and Oguchi Onyewu

  • Titus Bramble – Had 5 years at the club – signed for $5M from Ipswich by Bobby Robson – made a total of 156 senior appearances for the club and scored seven goals – but made many mistakes that cost Newcastle goals and points
  • Pavel SrnicekGeordie Pavel signed again late last year to fill in for Given and Harper – made one appearance last season – a little surprising we let him go since we think Tim Krul may go out on loan next season. May need to bring in a third keeper in the summer
  • Craig Moore – Signed from Borussia Mönchengladbach two years ago on a free by Souness – was good when he was fit but missed far too many games for us through injury. A good player if he can be kept fit – he made only 29 starts and a single sub appearance over two seasons for Newcastle
  • Olivier Bernard – Signed on September 1st last year when we had failed to bring in defenders by the previous day’s transfer deadline. Never played for the first team again – and was a mystery player (or non-player) last season. Very strange signing for us – made 117 starts and 26 sub appearances for the club and scored six goals
  • Oguchi Onweyu – Signed on loan at the end of January from Standard Leige – but lost his place after six games and was therefore not expected to get a contract from the club. A current USA International – Gooch made 7 starts and 4 sub appearances for us last season. Assume he will return to Standard Leige

The other player who seems to be moving imminently is our captain Scott Parker to West Ham. This is a surprising move – but we have to think it’s because his wife and family are finding it difficult to settle in the North East. A committed player for us we will be sorry to see him leave.

Note: The news today is that Scott has indeed signed for West Ham.


Captain Scott Parker – a good player!

We also believe there will not be room in the squad for the following players once Sam has brought in all the players he feels he needs to boost the current squad.


Stephen Carr, Celestine Babayaro and Kieron Dyer

  • Stephen Carr Signed from Tottenham for about ₤2M Stephen has never reached his old Tottenham form at Newcastle. He is also guilty of making some poor defensive plays that can lead to goals against us. May be kept as a squad player – but if that’s the case we expect him to leave
  • Celestine Babayaro – Injured far too often and has been only average for Newcastle since Souness signed him 30 months ago from Chelsea for about ₤1M. Similar to Carr above – could be a back-up – but probably would move on in that case
  • Kieron Dyer We feel that either Dyer or Emre will not be with us at the start of next season. Take your pick – but we would want to keep Emre. Dyer has never fulfilled his promise at Newcastle – very similar to his ex-Ipswich colleague Bramble – and after 9 years at the club – Sam could move him out and get a reasonable fee for him. Looks like Boateng and Barton will move in to replace Parker and Dyer – and we’ll make some money on these transactions

Since we had too small a squad last year we feel Sam will want to keep the other players. We do have a very good bunch of youngsters coming through and some of them may be sent out on loan for next season. Some of the youngsters – like Huntington and Edgar – could deputize in the first team a few times next season – so that decision on what to do with the more experienced youngsters will need to be made before August.
With the players Sam is bringing into the club – the squad will be much stronger next year.

Any players we did not mention – like N’Zogbia and O’Brien – we would keep.

We like both these players – who will get a chance to prove themselves with Duff out injured.

Let us know what you think – who have we missed out?

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  • Aaron D

    Jun 1, 2007 at 11:06 AM

    Comment #1

    Ameobi – 120 start and 90 sub appearances and only 41 goals, pretty poor if you ask me, let him go now as he is still young enough to learn some where else and demand a transfer fee. probably get £2-3m for him if we’re lucky. Maybe loan him if not.

    Duff – injured again, has never played well for NUFC maybe the odd game, sell him for around the same as we paid for him, i’m sure there would be many takers, Tottenham, Fulham, Blackburn, etc. £5m to go towards Ryan Babel. or get Big Sam to get Luque back in form.

    I wouldn’t get rid of Harper but i think he deserves a couple of season as a no.1, who would want to end there playering career as only ever a back up keeper.

  • Valle

    Jun 1, 2007 at 11:07 AM

    Comment #2

    I agree totally with Dyer, Babayaro and Carr. But Ramage should follow them out the door to since he is also crap.

  • Espen

    Jun 1, 2007 at 11:22 AM

    Comment #3


  • Jeff

    Jun 1, 2007 at 11:34 AM

    Comment #4

    I agree with those you say who should go as Ive said before Dyer is just a huffy overated player….yes he’s fast but if he classes himself as an attacking midfielder his goalscoring ratio is absolutely shocking…Duff should leave too…he’s just not upto it at the toon……….Id love to see Big Sam put an arm round Luque and bring him on next season….I think sam could get the best out of him..Id love to ask Dyer why he winges everytime he is asked to play wide right for the toon then when he plays for England he’ll play on the left,right….right back where ever………….Get rid of the loser now he’s took the piss long enough ..

  • Ross G

    Jun 1, 2007 at 11:35 AM

    Comment #5

    Including those listed apart from Parker I wont be upset to see them leave. I think Sam is right to restructure the squad, and although Barton is a fire head he is a player I have admired for some time. I believe although not as good is the most similar player to Gerrard as he possesses power and pace in clever runs and is basically an alround midfielder even more he scores goals, which is something we lack from our current midfield. Even though soon getting money wont be a problem think if we sell Parker 8m, Dyer 7m, Babayaro 1m, Carr 500k. We will have 16.5m as well as the proposed 45m to spend. Barton 5.5m, Baines 5m, Ben Haim & Viduka free, Davies 8m, Boateng 1m. Then we can spend the other 40m on other areas with QUALITY players not old ones like the ‘Robbie Fowler’ link absolute rubbish. We need as well as Ben Haim, Davies 1 more CB to make 4 quality ones someone like Coliccini 5m. Then a RB (not the hugely overrated luke young) not really sure who as there seems to be a shortage there but abroad in France have produced Chimbonda etc. With Parker,Dyer out we need especially a DM someone like Sissoko, Makelele, Diarra at Lyon looks a good bet for 4m. Then if Emre does go to Bayern, Van der Vaart wants a move 5m again. I think our wingers are pretty good, but would like to see Quaresma (10m) come as he definetly needs the chance. Then strikers with Viduka are solid if no-one leaves (Owen). If he does then Bent for 12m would be best.

  • Neil

    Jun 1, 2007 at 11:36 AM

    Comment #6

    Dyer and Parker for Barton and Boateng. Sounds like a step backward in the midfield. Unless if Pattison can come through.

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  • Arthur Prince

    Jun 1, 2007 at 11:42 AM

    Comment #8

    Carr and Babayaro out -far too injury prone and now well past their sell by date .
    Luque – find this very difficult to assess £9.5m for what ? Someone must have seen something !! On loan at PSV now Terrible waste of money it seems .
    Dyer – I agree a shame but time to cash in
    Ramage – Iwould keep . Sort of player Sam can improve and he is fully committed to NUFC good squad player
    Duff- I agree not at home at NUFC possibly will do better at Sunderland with his fellow Irishmen so sell N .Zogbia and Alan O’Brien good alternatives to start with
    Harper – Should stay as no 2 Goal keeper . Tim Krul poss for Loan but also have youngster Foster as well .
    Emre – keep he is the sort of player who will thrive on Big Sam especially with some like Barton around as well
    Butt – also must keep too good a professional to loose in a changing squad . Will help stability.

    Several good youngsters so Sam needs several top notch players to be brought in now to add to the class to compete for top4 placing next year plus to have a bigger squad than last year .

  • Tommy Toon

    Jun 1, 2007 at 11:54 AM

    Comment #9

    Current Squad (not counting Sibierski) 28

    I consider the crop of “promising” youngsters not good enough at present and only to be used in emergencies, thus leaving 19

    Considering the above mentioned Carr,baba & bling, whom I agree should be shown the door, that leaves 16

    For their attitude last game of the season I personally would show Martins & N’Zogbia the door also, and then there were 14 & this includes Luque!!!

    Of the 14 left 4 are goalies, sh1t we have an emergency get those youngsters out here.

    Seriously folks this just shows how dangerously thin our squad is. Mike/Sam if you’re reading we need 10 quality signings SHARPISH

  • Ross G

    Jun 1, 2007 at 12:01 PM

    Comment #10

    Great news we are in for David Rozehnal. I have seen him play for PSG a number of times both domestically and in europe and he is a very good player. He is very similar to Craig Moore in the fact he has a great reading of the game but he is also very commanding and no-nonsense. He has pace, and good passing ability. Most importantly he has vast experience of playing CL football for both PSG and Club Brugge.

  • Dazza

    Jun 1, 2007 at 12:03 PM

    Comment #11

    Would like to see Luque and Emre play well for us.

    Get rid of Carr, Babayaro and Duff as these players seem to get worse every game they play!

    If Big Sam can keep on top of Dyer, Zog and Martins and stop their tantrums, then these players could be a big asset to the club.

  • Aaron D

    Jun 1, 2007 at 12:17 PM

    Comment #12

    Agree with Tommy Toon, need 10 quality signings, i think as soon as this takeover is complete then the money will start to be spent. I think you need a first team squad of at least 22, 3
    Gk,7DEF,7MID, and 5ST. Player to keep Given,Harper,Krul, Taylor, Ramage, Huntington, Butt, Emre, Milner, Solano, N’Zogbia, Martins, Owen, Carroll. So need at least 4 new def, 3/4 mid, and 2 ST. Going to have £50m to spend, plus sales of Parker £8m, Dyer £7m, Babayaro £1m, Duff £5m, Carr £1m, Ameobi £2m. Thats about £75m to spend.

    Lets do i chelsea why not?

  • LewDavies

    Jun 1, 2007 at 1:56 PM

    Comment #13

    have to agree with Jeffs coments earlier, but with 2 years left on contract and massive wages I cant see anyone taking dyer bolical off our hands. I think he will be happy taking his dosh each week and playing for reserves. That way he can concentrate more on his two businesses outside football. IMO he is the greediest most overated waste of space at NUFC and I would love to see the back of him NOW.

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  • Ed Harrison

    Jun 1, 2007 at 2:42 PM

    Comment #15

    Arthur – will be interesting to see what Allardyce thinks about Luque – whether he would consider bringing him back to Newcastle at some point from PSV – but sure those at Newcastle are saying he’s a lost cause – but maybe Sam mightn’t think that!

  • Little Kev, Whitley Bay

    Jun 1, 2007 at 3:33 PM

    Comment #16

    Carr, Babayaro, Ameobi, Dyer, Martins. Some are past their best. Others never had a best to be past! I’ll let you work out which is which. Martins is on the list because twice he has proved unreliable. I would’t give him a third chance.


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