Big Sam Must Fix Injury Fiasco at Newcastle to be Successful

One of the things that intrigues Newcastle fans about Sam Allardyce is his commitment to science to get players fit so they can play the game of football to their maximum capabilities. We all know how successful he’s been at Bolton where they had the lowest injury rate in the Premiership – while at Newcastle over the last two seasons we’ve had the highest – with last season being unbelievably bad. That’s one area Sam must fix to be successful at Newcastle.

Sam Allardyce

While we still expect two of his key staff at Bolton to join up with him at Newcastle – Bolton’s Director of Sports Science Mark Taylor and Performance Director Mike Forde – Sam is also intent on expanding the back room staff to something that has never been seen at Newcastle.
We are intrigued about this if for no other reason than we have to stop this injury nonsense that keeps happening at Newcastle. Injuries have certainly been responsible for both Graeme Souness and Glenn Roeder losing their jobs over the past few seasons. We have mentioned on this site in the past that Roeder talked about injuries – but nobody at the club ever launched an investigation into why it was happening. We’re sure it’s not just by chance that Newcastle have a terrible injury record or that Newcastle is haunted – as Ruud Gullit professed once.

Now we have Big Sam in the job – we will be hopeful if he can fix up why we do have the injuries – and it will be a giant step forward towards Newcastle performing better in the league. Couple this with Sam’s unquestioned ability to get the best out of players and we will be well on our way – whatever players he signs in the summer.
This is what Sam told the Journal today – when talking about his backroom staff.

“A key area is to build that as quick as we can, but it’s not going to be easy because there are not too many highly-qualified staff out there to take up those positions,” “You have to do it bit by bit, day by day, week by week.

Hopefully it will grow into a culture behind the scenes that works for everybody towards one goal and that is for every Newcastle player to walk over that white line when they’re asked to play and have the capabilities of giving their best, not only from fitness and strength point of view but also tactical and team point of view.”

Sam – well said – and we can assure you that’s what Newcastle fans want to see – not only fit players but also those that are committed to the cause.

The cause is to make Newcastle great again – and win trophies – as all Newcastle fans deserve.

If Sam can do that – he will not only be the darling of Newcastle – but it will be a time for Sam to cherish for the rest of his life – and that’s true for us fans too. 😀

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