Major Newcastle News Stories – June 10th – 2007 – Owen Leaving?

Here are the major news stories associated with the Newcastle club for today – in no particular order of priority.

The big news is that we may be after Craig Bellamy from Liverpool – and Allardyce has stated he has no power to keep Michael Owen if Michael wants to trigger the release clause in his contract.


  • The News of the World is reporting that Sam Allardyce is going after Craig Bellamy of Liverpool. Wow. We are running our own story on this – it seems very strange and may even mean Michael Owen is indeed leaving Newcastle.

    Craig Bellamy

  • News in the Sunday Mirror that Sam Allardyce is powerless to stop Michael Owen leaving Newcastle by his release clause – if Owen wants to leave. Apparently the release clause amount decreases by 25% each year so it’s now about half the ₤17M we paid for him. If Michael wants to go – get rid of him now – that’s our view – we are getting sick of this story. If he does go he will not be welcomed back at Newcastle – that’s for sure.

    Michael Owen

  • A very good story on Times Online about Sam’s new approach at Newcastle. In this story there is a mention (that’s all) to Sam being interested in Luke Young from Charlton. It’s a very good article for Newcastle fans to read.

    Luke Young

  • As we reported yesterday there are negotiations with Tal Ben Haim going on over the weekend and we expect him to become a Newcastle player today or tomorrow. The reports suggest he got sick of waiting for Chelsea – but we don’t believe it. Ben Haim is happy to come to join Sam’s Newcastle revolution and work with Sam Allardyce again – and he’s just the type of player we need at the back. The fact he has worked with Sam before will also help the Newcastle players.

    Ben Haim

  • We have an extended report on Nobby Solano’s dealings with Peru and their new coach Uribe. It does seem that Nobby wants to return to play for Peru – but we’re not sure that’s good for either Nobby or Newcastle – given all the travel it will involve.

    Nolberto Solano

  • We are also running a piece today on the hold-up in Joey Barton’s transfer to Newcastle. Holding out for a ₤300K loyalty bonus from Manchester City is not the thing Joey should be doing right now. He needs to make the transfer happen quickly – before Newcastle have any second thoughts.

    Joey Barton

We’d appreciate your comments on the above news stories.

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  • Greg B

    Jun 10, 2007 at 11:05 AM

    Comment #1

    First of all, Michael Owen should have stated by now if he intends to honour his contract and give us a full season before he leaves for pastures new. My opinion is that his reluctance to come out and say that he wants to play for Newcastle next season would point to him triggering the release clause and join Man Utd for 8.5mil or whatever it is.
    If this is the case then get rid of him, look at all the support he has had from us supporters and this club when he was basically on the scrap heap after his injury at the world cup. The club has show patience, loyalty, support and paid the lad upwards of 100 grand a week for the past 20 months or so, thats equates to more than 9 million pounds in wages (granted the FA chipped in) for what? A handful of appearances and a few goals.
    When we signed Owen and paired him with Shearer I think we all expected something special, howeve injurys put paid to that little dream.
    I personally would feel cheated by the lad if he decides to shit on the club at this point and walks out for half what we paid for him, fair enough he has ambition and wants to win things but to me that speaks volumes……… why the hell did he sign for us in the first place? It wasnt to win medals thats for sure!

  • Cathal

    Jun 10, 2007 at 11:18 AM

    Comment #2

    bellamy is not a bad replacement for owen, if we sell for 9mill, and then buy bellamy for round 8, BSA would have made a 2.5mill PROFIT in his dealings so far at the club! but i have my worries about off the field antics-bellamy, dyer, and barton…..doesn’t sound 2 good! its also reported that “Newcastle United are moving to trump Arsenal for Auxerre fullback Bakari Sagna.” aparently we can get him for £6million! its also reported newcastle are after Laryea Kingston of Hearts! good to see us linked with so many players!

  • jacob

    Jun 10, 2007 at 12:04 PM

    Comment #3

    Owen should go. I’m fed up with his silence – it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to play for this club. As Ed said on a previous blog, all of his interviews mention how much he loves scoring goals for England , and how much fitter/ stronger he’s becoming: not a word about the club that’s paid him 10 million to sit on the treatment table for 2 years.
    I for one hate this situation and am becoming increasingly irritated by his silence as time drags on. I know it’s sour grapes, but I think he’s lost a yard of pace anyway, and I believe his goal for England was a fluke: the ball slicing off his shin-pad and into the net: like many a jammy Owen goal. We also have to ask whether or not he can change his style of play after losing some pace – just like big Al’ did.
    If he wants to go, then he should go now…go and stop wasting time, waiting to see which offer suits him best. Go now and allow the club to rebuild without him. If this does turn out to be the case, then I’d love to see him walk – reputation in tatters only for his next club to realise he’s not the player he once was…It’d make a change from Newcastle forking out cash to realise this…Remember Fatrick Kluivert anyone?

  • Greg B

    Jun 10, 2007 at 1:51 PM

    Comment #4

    Good points. I for one would not like to see Bellamy back at Newcastle, there are many many other options, better options and less risky. Bellamy has been proven to be a trouble maker, very outspoken and his antics for us last time round are still fresh in the memory with many Newcastle fans.
    Players like Kuranyi, Pazzini, Lauth, Iaquinta, Huntelaar to name a few off the top of my head, hell Id even prefer to grab David Healy from Leeds before paying a penny for Bellamy!

    As for Owen, he has had many oportunities to come out and say ‘Of course I will be a Newcastle player next season, the faith the club has shown in me has been brilliant and I would love to repay all the Newcastle fans who have supported me and paid to watch me play by scoring goals for this great club next season’. Not hard is it?
    He could just come out and say ‘Im under contract for 2 more years and I will be a Newcastle player next season’, its really starting to get on my wick this whole situation, the longer it drags on the more it looks like boy wonder is on his way.
    Although from his point of view maybe he thinks he dosent need to come out and say he is staying, he is under contract, just like many of our squad, none of them have come out to say if they will be playing for us next season, Martins, Given, Duff etc…

  • Ed Harrison

    Jun 10, 2007 at 2:24 PM

    Comment #5

    Greg – apparently Fulham have offered 2M for David Healey – certainly he plays well in International games against top players. He’s inconsistent – but in 56 games for Northern Ireland he has scored 29 goals.
    The Owen thing is also annoying me – big time – he should put an end to it – one way or the other – it’s like Japanese water torture – one drop at a time.

  • joe

    Jun 10, 2007 at 3:26 PM

    Comment #6

    I would hate to see bellamy back at the toon. Have you all forgotten what he supposedly did to sir alan shearer and the price mentioned is 10 million. he’s worth no where near that.
    And i am very comfident that owen will be a newcastle player next year. A while ago he did say he was staying. do you want him to come out and say he is staying every day.

  • Greg B

    Jun 10, 2007 at 4:02 PM

    Comment #7

    Totally agree Ed.
    Joe, the only time I have heard Owen say anything like ‘Im staying’ was around this time last year, when conveniently, he didnt have a release clause. This was maybe due to us grabbing the Intertoto place.
    The reason that the fans, and the club, want an answer either way (staying or going) is because of all the uncertaintly this release clause has caused.

    The worrying factor now is that Allardyce has said he is powerless to keep hold of Owen if he wants to leave, knowing that Sam has now had a chat with Owen would suggest he isnt convinced Owen wants to stay.

    Allardyce: Do you want to be part of my plans for next season Michael?
    Owen: Yes/No (Delete as appropriate).


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