Solano to Play Again for Peru Despite Criticizing Coach

Nolberto Solano’s has not played for his home country Peru for two years now – and we all remember the spat he and Bobby Robson had over his playing for Peru.
Well – it looks like he will play again for them during the upcoming World Cup qualifications. We are not sure that’s good for either Nobby or Newcastle.


Nobby Solano

Nobby has to travel thousands of miles for the Peru games – and usually end up missing Newcastle’s next game. In fact that’s probably the main reason Robson rather stupidly sold Nobby to Aston Villa for a measly ₤1.5M in January 2004 which David O’Leary – then Aston Villa manager – labeled as the best deal he ever did.

One of the things Graeme Souness did that was good while he was at Newcastle was get Nobby back – and the other notable achievement was to bring in Michael Owen – although so far that has not proved to be as successful as we all thought – because of Owen’s injury record.
Solano has been critical for some time of the Peruvian Football Federation – and just last month demanded that their president, Manuel Burga, should resign from his post. Nobby has also repeatedly criticized current coach Julio Cesar Uribe as well as his predecessor Freddy Ternern.

During a telephone interview with Peru’s RPP Radio last month this is what Solano said on being part of the National team:

“People are saying that I excluded myself from the national side; that’s simply not true. What I said to you (RPP Radio) last week was the following: If coach Uribe calls my colleagues who are also playing abroad and doesn’t call me, then it is my understanding that I am not in his plans and I am fine with that,”“I never said: ‘I quit from the national team!’ I am just reiterating that he did not call me, which he has the right to do.

World class coaches, such as Jose Mourinho, communicate to their players. That is how world class coaches and people who know about soccer operate.”

“I have things left to accomplish for my country, not for the directors. If they decide not to call me up then it is because I have been direct and truthful. What can I do?

If Uribe doesn’t cap me because of that, well, that is his position. If it is because of something else, like a personal reason, then he should say so,”

But now – just two weeks after Solano and Uribe’s latest spat – when Uribe told Solano via the press to calm down – Uribe has announced he will include Solano is his squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifications. Uribe has already selected his squad for the upcoming Copa America tournament – and Nobby was not included. With Solano now presumably committing to travel again for Peru games – doesn’t that sound like it’s back to the future?


Peru Coach Julio Cesar Uribe

World Cup qualification in South America has all the countries in one single group and they have to play twenty games in their qualification. Ten participating teams play each other twice and the qualification process takes about 25 months. All games of course are played in South America – quite a distance from England. The top 4 teams advance to the World Cup finals while the 5th place team goes into a playoff.

We are not sure that Solano getting involved again with Peru is a good thing for Nobby or Newcastle – given he is now 32 years old. Most players at that age think about retiring from International Football to prolong their club careers – Shearer and Scholes being two notable examples. Nobby has so far played 76 times for Peru and scored 18 goals and captained them many times.
Peru Coach Uribe said yesterday:

“I’m going to talk with him next week. It is the right moment to do it and give him some peace. “Solano’s determination to be in the squad is remarkable. I’m going to call him for the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, as I’ve already decided the 22-man”

We think Solano – who is one of the best players Peru has ever produced – will one day actually manage the Peruvian National team – when he gives up playing.
But with Sam Allardyce coming in that may be a few years out – although Nobby has said this will be his last season at Newcastle. We think if he has a good year next year he could be at Newcastle for a few more years yet.

Well – that’s our opinion on this new story – what do you think?

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  • jacob

    Jun 10, 2007 at 1:13 PM

    Comment #1

    I believe Nobby will be a bit- part player for us next season anyway; with the onset of old age and long-haul flights, coupled with the continual emergence of the rock-solid Milner, he’ll probably be used a bit more sparingly by BSA. He did well at right back last term and would provide excellent cover for the position next season. We shouldn’t mind him playing for Peru, and should allow him this right for the outstanding service he’s given to the club. He shouldn’t however expect a starting place in next season’s first 11. Personally, I don’t feel Dyer’s up to the job…and should be farmed out a.s.a.p. and Carr clearly isn’t capable. This is one area where I feel BSA must strengthen, and buy in a recognised, capable, hungry and motivated right back. Any ideas anyone?

  • matt w

    Jun 10, 2007 at 3:35 PM

    Comment #2

    i belive that nobby will struggle for a contract next yr. i love this little bloke, a geordie through and through, the last thing e wanted was to leav to Villa.

    however, i do feel he can give us mor than what Dyer is willing to on the right hand side whereever he is playing (RB,RM/W)


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