Newcastle Will Be Top Four – But Maybe Not Next Season

Sam Allardyce talked today to the Journal on what he expects from Newcastle in his first season in charge and as usual Sam talks a whole load of sense. Allardyce has a lot of building to do at Newcastle – on the pitch as well as off it – and he should be left alone to do it.

He knows exactly what is needed at a club like Newcastle – where expectations have always out-paced achievement.


Sam Allardyce

This is what Sam had to say to the Journal last night:

“I’ve come here because there is absolutely no question that this club has the potential to break into the top four. “It hasn’t for a number of years, but I’m here to try to change that.
“We’ve got to realize that we can achieve that – that we have the potential, but it can only be done with a little bit of patience. Breaking into the top four has become a very difficult task.
“However, if you build slowly and grow slowly you will have an opportunity to do that. You can’t do it instantly, even if you spent a lot of money, it doesn’t guarantee anything.

That’s a very good point since it’s not clear to us if Allardyce does spend ₤40M this summer that it’s necessarily the right thing to do. Sam has to get together a strong side – and a very strong defense in his first season. The truth is we don’t have too bad a squad – if the players would only perform to their potentials. They have not done this over the last few years – but we expect Sam can get the best out of the squad he inherited.

Any player who goes missing in a game should be dragged off and given a kick up the behind as he heads for the dressing room.

That action – we hope – will just about sum up the impact Sam will have on the players at Newcastle.
One thing Sam must do is get in two strong defenders and two strong full backs to go with the defenders we already have. To fix the defense is maybe the first priority Sam has for next season. That coupled with solving why we get all the injuries will go a long way to guaranteeing a good first season.
Sam went on:

“You have to grow the culture of the football club and we need to have the infrastructure to get us there.
“Everyone keeps talking about instant success, but Newcastle have to get away from that. We can’t just expect to start on August 11 and go on to finish in the Champions League. That will be a goal, a dream to achieve, but it’s almost an impossible task in my first season here.”
“Football needs Wigan and Sunderland, the West Hams and the Boltons to break the mould, as well as the likes of Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Aston Villa and Tottenham.

Whoops – did Sam just group Sunderland with the Wigans of the world – think so – but let’s go on:

“We need a competitive league because if it becomes too predictable it loses its entertainment value. If you can’t get a shock result like Reading last year, or Wigan the year before, it makes the Premiership boring.
“I think what those two teams did when they came up was very good for the league as a whole. It’s the same with Bolton finishing in the top eight, it’s healthy.”
“We are building to last, not just to have one good season.”

Sam of course is 100% correct – the league needs to expand from the four teams right now that can win the league.
It looks like the teams that have been bought, West Ham, Aston Villa and ourselves probably stand the best chance of doing this – along with Tottenham.
We think top six would be a very good finish for next season and then Sam can strengthen the squad even more next summer.

But we also think Mike Ashley must let Sam run the team – and support him in very way he can. (We think Niall Quinn at Sunderland epitomizes what a Chairman should be doing – keeping in the background but supporting his manager 100% when asked to).
The other thing Sam will be building at Newcastle is the Youth system, the Scouting system – and the back-room staff. This will ensure we don’t have all the injuries we’ve had in the past – and also help us to get the best young players into the club – both local talent and talent from around the world.

It’s an exciting time for all Newcastle supporters – no doubt about that.

Comments welcome.

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  • Ahmed Bilal

    Jun 16, 2007 at 12:56 PM

    Comment #1

    I could have told you that ages ago 🙂

    Now I’m going to go back up and read the article 😛

  • Ahmed Bilal

    Jun 16, 2007 at 12:58 PM

    Comment #2

    A bigger travesty is that he grouped Newcastle with Boro 🙂

  • Ed Harrison

    Jun 16, 2007 at 1:38 PM

    Comment #3

    Ahmed – on first comment i’ve tried to tone down my expectations for next season (but it’s really hard). Top six would be very good.
    Also Sam comes across as very sensible and down to earth in his comments.

  • Ed Harrison

    Jun 16, 2007 at 1:40 PM

    Comment #4

    On second comment – didn’t even notice that one on Newcastle Boro.
    The Sunderland and Wigan one jumped out. Our poor Sunderland brethren.
    Be interesting how they do next year under Keane.

  • aviluck

    Jun 18, 2007 at 7:24 AM

    Comment #5

    This article is top class just like MO.

  • Karl

    Jun 27, 2007 at 8:20 PM

    Comment #6

    Newcastle will be top four my opinion is the managers have tried to change newcastle into teams there never going to be newcastle are an ATTACKING force keegan created the entertainers they were never brought bk out untill bobby robson came then he waz sacked souness waz a worrier roeder waz okay but he chose to play defensivley we need a manager that can bring players that can entertain that is there job and many footballers hav forgot that there job iz to please fanz if sunderland are beating us 3-0 take a chance and ram 4 goals down there knecks thts wat wins football and if newcastle cant get there entertainers and bring football bk to its normal self then who will? top four finish dont need it we need a gd show and we need football player bk not hollywood stars


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