Big Sam’s Newcastle Job Safe Despite Quest Report

We were pleased to see positive quotes in the Sunday Sun this morning related to what Mike Ashley thinks of Sam Allardyce.
There is another report in the Mail – which is almost the exact opposite. The Mail’s report says Ashley is not happy with Sam still being still enmeshed in the Quest report. So who do you believe?


Newcastle Owner Mike Ashley

We think the Sunday Sun is the accurate one – and we’re pleased because we have been really impressed with the way Big Sam has gone about his new job at Newcastle.

Here’s what the Sunday Sun quoted this morning from an Ashley insider:

“Mike is supportive of Sam and his team in terms of taking the club forward,”
“There is no great change of mood towards Allardyce because of the (Quest) inquiry. He will be allowed to get on with his job.
“Mike is fully supportive of everything Sam has done and met him last week to tell him that.”

That’s good – so Sam can go full speed ahead getting new players in. Then the insider talked about an upcoming senior appointment at the club which sounds both interesting and needed.

“The club are on the brink of an appointment that will see someone have the power to go right through the club and look at everything.
“It will be a senior role. They will be a full-time employee of the club. A strategic review will be undertaken to see how the club operates – at every level.
“There will be a myriad things to look at but the person who undertakes it will report back to Mike Ashley and he will then act on the findings.
“They will have a bird’s eye view of the club. Nothing will be left to chance.
“There is about to be a long, hard look at the way Newcastle United is run.”

That all sounds very good and has been needed for some time. Hopefully there will be some announcement next week on the new appointment. This may put a question mark around what Shepherd’s role will be at Newcastle. There is a possibility that Shepherd will bow out before much longer – but we’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

We would like to see Big Sam be allowed to get on with his job and have Mike Ashley be supportive of him. It’s clear Sam is right into the job and is very enthusiastic as he is confident he can start to lay the foundations for long term success at the club. He also probably suspects this next season is going to be very important for him to stay in the job for the three years of his contract, The positive scenario is that Sam will have us in the top six next season – and then the stage will be set to further improve the playing side next summer. These statements from an Ashley confidante certainly seem to suggest that will happen.

All sounds very good to us – now to sign some really good defenders next week!

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