Allardyce Must Be Left Alone to Get The Job Done at Newcastle

Sam Allardyce has talked again – this time about what it’s like playing at St James’ Park – the good and the bad of it.
It’s good when things are going well – but if someone is seen to be slacking or not giving of their best – they should look out – and rightfully so.


Sam Allardyce

This is what Sam had to say to Luke Edwards of the Journal last night:

“Let’s be honest, it’s been more than a couple of years of negativity at Newcastle United,” “I’ve talked to Gary Speed about this before and this is a great place to play if you’re winning, but it can be a daunting place if you’re losing. The players have to know the expectations of the fans. Even when things aren’t going well, the fans still attend games, they still fill the stadium.

Sam’s referring to the 52,000 plus fans that turn up almost regardless of how the team has been doing – which is almost unique in English football. No other team with so little success has been so well supported as Newcastle over the years. The greatest thing about the club has always been the passionate and faithful fan base. Mike Ashley – the club’s new owner – seems well aware of that.

Sam went on:

“A lot of fans would just stay away, but the flip side of that is Newcastle fans do show their disapproval if they don’t think players are playing well. That is what you have to live with when you play here. We have to be very careful about the character of the players we bring to this big and very famous football club.”
“Newcastle haven’t had enough top-six finishes in the last 10 years for whatever reason. This club has not been as successful as it should have been. It’s been a hugely frustrating time and that’s what makes it such a difficult job for me. There have been a lot of managers who have preceded me who have done their best, they’ve had a real go, but it hasn’t worked out.
“It’s my time now and I’ve got to do things my way. It’s got to be my way, I can’t have anyone trying to influence me about what should be the way forward for Newcastle. That’s my main focus, it’s got to be my way or not at all because I believe that’s the best way to bring success to this football club.”

That last paragraph is so important. Sam has to be left alone to get the job done. We hope when Ashley comes on board – his team will leave the playing side completely to Allardyce. We can’t have them coming in and telling Sam which big player to sign if Sam doesn’t want them. That’s going to be very key to a successful stint by Allardyce – he knows exactly what he has to do – he just needs be left alone to do it.

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  • brett

    Jun 18, 2007 at 9:38 AM

    Comment #1

    well as a new era dawns upon the mighty magpies i think it’s about time that the new manager IS left to his own devices. The only way we can establish ourselves and compete with the very best is to leave the football to the man in charge. Over the years Fat Fred may of put his hand in his pocket but he also stook his nose in where it wasn’t needed and the team and fans suffered. Maybe now a fresh start accross the board and The Toon are on the up, easily the best supported n the country maybe europe but lets put all that talk into trophies and once again become a european force.

  • Izzy

    Jun 18, 2007 at 12:56 PM

    Comment #2

    I hope that when Ashley takes over, Big Sam is able to managed the way he does best.
    We did not to see another drama as what happen in Chelsea….. or Real Madrid where the boardroom has always had the bigger say….
    What excites me is the backroom staff issue. Till now things are really moving slow for Big Sam to shape up his coaching staffs, scientific nutrition… whatever.
    What I did not want to see is that this things drags on, and we are still dodged with injuries just like a few seasons which we have already.

  • Ed Harrison

    Jun 18, 2007 at 4:56 PM

    Comment #3

    brett – well said

  • Ed Harrison

    Jun 18, 2007 at 4:59 PM

    Comment #4

    Izzy – if Sam can 1) fix the injury problems 2) sign a whole new back 4 and 3) get the best out of his squad of players – he will have gone a long way to having Newcastle in the top six next season – and that would be a great start for him. Hope that Ashley leaves him alone – and i’m sure players will start rolling in soon. It’s important he has his squad in place (or most of it) by early July.

  • Watson

    Jun 18, 2007 at 10:10 PM

    Comment #5

    Brett – Couldn’t have said it better


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