Newcastle’s Martins Attacked by Masked Gunmen in Lagos

Oba Martins had a horror ordeal late Monday evening – with the Sun reporting that three masked gunmen surrounded him and his car at a petrol station near his apartment in Lagos, Nigeria. The gunmen sprayed the car with bullets – and Oba’s friend, Remi Onipede, who was with Oba in the car – was hit in the hand and shoulder.
This appears to have been a murder attempt.


Obefemi Martins

Oba tried to back the car out of danger but was blocked by another car. The Mercedes car he was in was sprayed with bullets – seemingly much like a Hollywood movie – but police did arrive on the scene and Oba and his friend are now safe. Oba and his friend are both in Italy recovering. The gunmen escaped and this is being investigated by the Police.
Earlier this year Oba didn’t turn up for a game that Nigeria had in England earlier this year. He had gone and picked up his sick Mom from Lago – but didn’t inform the Nigerian officials he would not be turning up for the game. When he was returning to England he was spotted at the Lagos airport – and booed by Nigerian supporters.
There is a theory the attack may be linked to this event – but it does seem rather bizarre and crazy. It was not a robbery which leads one to believe it could have been a murder attempt – as terrible as that seems.

A shocked Obefemi Martins said last night from Italy:

“They shot indiscriminately and tried to kill all the occupants of the car. They weren’t there to rob me but to finish me off.
“I thought I was going to die. They executed it like professional hired assassins.
“They didn’t say anything to me but just started shooting at the car. It was hell. I was dead in my heart and soul. It all happened like in the movies.”
“I didn’t know their mission but they looked scary and mean. My nerves were completely dead when I saw the guns.”
“If you are attacked by armed robbers, they only threaten you and take whatever they want but these guys were only after my life.
“How I managed to escape is still shocking and unbelievable.
“Maybe someone up there loves me more than I could imagine because only he could explain what happened.
“But my mother is scared they could come back again.
“She almost passed out when she saw the car. She just kept asking who wants me dead.
“I don’t feel safe in Lagos any more and don’t think I want to return so fast.
“I was born in Lagos, I am a Lagosian. But when I don’t feel safe in my hometown then something must be wrong.
“I am not running away from armed robbers but people who want to take the life of Obafemi Martins.
“It’s a great thing to play for your country, put smiles on the faces of people and also feel safe among your family and fans.
“But when the situation gets out of hand, I don’t think coming home is something I can even contemplate.”

Remi Onipede, Oba’s friend – speaking fom his hospital bed, said:

“I am grateful to God for his favors because I could have been a dead man by now.
But I’ve had X-rays and doctors say I will be fine. Those people were merciless, they just kept shooting at us.”

Martins’ mum Alhaja added:

“Obafemi is the breadwinner of my family and some evil people want him dead.
“Tell me why he should continue to stay here.
“I have told him to return to Europe and I will join him there when I feel like seeing him.
“They might return to haunt him, so it will be stupid of him to stay.”

This is a bizarre and difficult situation for Oba and his friend - and certainly Newcastle officials will be in contact with Oba quickly – to ensure he is safe and OK. 

On the bright side things could have been a whole lot worse.   We trust that Oba and his friend are OK and well – after this terrifying incident.

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