Allardyce and Mort Partnership Important for Newcastle’s Success

Sam Allardyce – while very surprised at the Ashley takeover of the club – initiated only one week after Sam accepted the manager job from Freddy Shepherd – was nevertheless pleased it happened ‘smooth’ and ‘quick’.

The 52-year-old manager praised Chris Mort and his colleagues for taking his position into account and enabling him to work without handicap – when implementing the vast changes required to put the club into Ashley’s hands.

Sam has talked this morning to Paul Gilder of the Journal and yes – it’s another very interesting conversation with Sam – let’s see what Sam had to say. We’ll also look at just how important his partnership with Chris Mort will be for the future success of Newcastle.


Sam Allardyce

Sam talked to Paul Gilder of the Journal this morning on the takeover:

“When something like this is looming, it can be a big distraction,” “If you look at some other takeovers, they have dragged on, lingered on and on and on, and that can cause problems, but the transition here was a smooth one and a quick one and that has been a great help.

The takeover was a huge surprise, but the speed at which everyone has moved means the people involved should get credit. Everyone has worked hard for me behind the scenes , and the old board and the new board have worked together to bring in some big players.

“The business we have done so far (Joey Barton, Mark Viduka, Geremi and David Rozehnal have joined United for a combined £8.7m, while Scott Parker’s sale netted £7M) has been terrific for the club. But we need to get into the next phase as soon as possible.”

It really does look like credit should be given to both the old and new team for working together in what had to be difficult circumstances – but maybe for the good of the Newcastle club – they did exactly that. A manager who has still not met owner Mike Ashley – who we are told shuns publicity – is keen to meet up with the new owner – although it seems the pair will wait awhile before getting together for a detailed discussion on the future of the club. Sam obviously will have his own ideas as will Mike Ashley – we’d love to be flies on the wall for that discussion.

Sam went on:

“I’ve not had much contact with Mike,”

“Mike prefers to have an interest from afar and he must have huge demands on him because he’s a huge business operator.

“He has put people into place to work the club for him, but I would like the chance at some point to exchange some ideas and speak with him and I’m sure it will happen in the near future.

“I’ve met Chris and we both have a huge amount to do. Forging a relationship with the board is on the agenda and, further down the line, all the projections and plans that are needed can be put together.

But I can’t waste time on that stuff at the moment when it’s a ferocious market we’re working in and time needs to be spent focusing on bringing in new players and structuring a new staff behind the scenes. The board understand that and we will move forward and put our plans into place as time moves on.”

“When you invest a huge sum like he has, the main objective is to cover all areas of the business”. “The club can grow bigger and better and the revenue streams can increase. But we all understand that if it’s going to be successful in all areas, you need success on the pitch.

The investment made will continue to be made on the field because we all want to get Newcastle to be a winning team so we can move things forward and live up to the expectation and the demand that this place has.”

What Sam says is so true – you can do all kinds of good things at a football club – but if you don’t have success on the pitch – it’s really all for nothing. We believe the planets may have aligned for us – and we see good signs that Sam and Chris Mort can form an excellent partnership together.

Sam the dedicated and committed manager who cares for his players and creates a great team spirit – but is nevertheless brash and outspoken as always. Couple that with Chris Mort – the consummate polished young businessman who would seem to make an excellent executive figurehead for the club – all business but still (like Sam) an excellent communicator. We think (and yes we are also hoping) that these two can form a great relationship not only for themselves – but most of all for the success of Newcastle United.

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