Allardyce Pleased with Rozehnal and Barton

Sam Allardyce talked yesterday about the trip to Austria last week which he thinks was a big success in moving the players and staff closer together and getting to know each other.

That’s one thing Sam has been successful with in his management career – getting both his players and staff together into an overall effective team.

We’ll take a look at what Sam had to say.


Sam Allardyce

During his interview with Newcastle World yesterday – Allardyce said the training camp in the Austrian hills was a nice place, with good weather and nice air. The camp was selected by his back room staff – and it had lots of very good facilities – and it proved to be an excellent trip and a very good bonding exercise for both staff and players.

The week was spent on conditioning exercises so there wasn’t a lot of football played but lots of early morning bicycling and other new activities that the players hadn’t experienced before. Lots of players and staff are new at the club – and Sam doesn’t know too many people himself – so it was a good week for everybody to get to know each other.

Allardyce admitted the two newcomers to the squad in Austria – former Manchester City midfielder Joey Barton and Czech Republic international center-back David Rozehnal are two very different characters, but he is very happy with the way both have settled in at Newcastle.

This is what Sam told Newcastle World yesterday:

“Joey and David seemed to fit in very well. I think they are probably two opposites – Joey likes to do a lot of talking and David keeps himself to himself – but they mingled well in the end.

“The lads have helped them settle and that was important. They have taken them into the fold and everyone got on well together.” “The whole staff got to know each other better,”

“The players had a bit of fun among themselves and we had a bit of fun with the staff five-a-side, and the lads had a good laugh at us.

“That was good for the morale of the club building up to this season.”

Now it’s down to more footballing and the first friendly early next week against Hartlepool United – a game which is already sold out.

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  • WelshWizard

    Jul 14, 2007 at 9:47 AM

    Comment #1

    ‘Joey likes to do a lot of talking’ – nothing new there then for a scouser???

    He says Roza is a quiet man, i read on another site that maybe he was Captain material but you dont want someone who’s quiet tho do you? Captain for me has to be Given or Owen cause for me they are the only guaranteed players in the starting 11???

    Nice to no the 2 of them are settling in tho….

  • Ed Harrison

    Jul 14, 2007 at 10:18 AM

    Comment #2

    WelshWizard – good point – the more we think about it the more we like Given as captain – but it may be difficult for Shay as goalkeeper – but he deserves to be captain for all the great service he has given the club these last 10 years.


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