Rozehnal Important Player for Newcastle Next Season

David Rozehnal has been talking at length to the local Newcastle press and certainly seems to have settled in well in the North East.

In these interviews with the Chronicle and Journal he talks about training and how it feels to join a big club like Newcastle United. We also take a look at one of our reader’s comments regarding David – and see what he has to say about the Czech defender.

We’ll look at what David is saying about the club, the players and the area.


David Rozehnal

Rozehnal began by talking about that other famous Geordie – or should I say Czech republic star Pavel Srnicek

“I don’t know Pav personally but I heard a lot about him and that he spent a lot of nice times here,”

“I know all about how popular he was and I’ve even heard they made a T-shirt with ‘Pav is a Geordie’ on it.”

“Of course I’d like to have the same sort of impact as he did. A T-shirt with ‘David is a Geordie’ on it? Why not?”

David’s wife is pregnant and it was therefore doubly important that the staff at Newcastle ensured he settled in quickly – and it looks like they did a fine job – this is what David had to say about that aspect of his move:

“First I have to show people that I can fit into the side and that I can play football. I have to show I am a good man and a good defender.

“I’ve settled into the North-East well. I was here for one week before we started training and it was a great experience. I saw the training center and the ground and I thought I was dreaming.

“I will be really happy here. My wife is pregnant and she is happy, everything has been arranged for her as well so I can just concentrate on playing football.”

Rozehnal is well aware that tougher tests await him as he adapts to a new style and standard of football as well as a new way of life.

He explained:

“It’s up to me to adapt to English football and follow the advice of the coaches. I have to change a little, but I think my good skills will come out.

I’ve had a chance to mark Michael Owen in training, but it isn’t just about Michael, it’s about the other strikers as well, Shola Ameobi and Obafemi Martins. They have been giving me a taste of what to expect in the Premiership.”

“I think the standard, even in training, is better than it was in France. They are stronger and they are faster, it is a higher tempo. It can be tough to adapt, but it is a challenge I accept and I hope I made a good decision to come here.”

“For sure, I’m looking forward to it and I will show everyone they made a good choice in bringing me here. It’s up to me to show I should be in the first XI every week. I have to show I can fit into the side and I can play football”

One of our readers – Obafan (yes – he likes Martins) followed Rozehnal while he was at Bruges and has the following to say about David:

“I know Rozehnal from his time at Bruges, because I’m from Belgium and I’m glad that he signed for the toon.”“I am sure that within a couple of months the toon fans will love their new center-back.”

“I’m 200% sure of that. In his time at Bruges he was a solid and good defender, who made few mistakes.”

But despite what Rozehnal believes is a definite step up in class by joining Newcastle, he won’t be fazed by working alongside some of the big names already at the club.

David went on:

“When I heard about Newcastle I was excited. Newcastle United in England is like Paris St-Germain in France.“It is a big club with a big history and a big future.

“There are plenty of big names from the past and a lot of big names here now.

“Right now we have Michael Owen, Oba Martins and Shay Given who are respected in the game.

“I think the whole team is full of big names and there are no stupid stars here.”

“The players, the team and all of the staff around have been great.”

“I have been looking forward to working here before I came to sign the contract. And it is how I thought it would be. “The players here are from a much higher level than the teams I’ve played in before.”

“The first training was a bit strange. I felt like a child on his first day at school because I didn’t know anybody.”

” After the first day we went to Austria and I felt much better because we got to know everybody.”

We’re sure every Newcastle fan is hoping that David can be a player who can really improve the Newcastle defense so we can bury once and for all – the stigma of leaking far too many goals each year. David might just be the player to do that. Certainly if attitude has anything to do with it – he’s going to be a big success.

Comments welcome.

7 comments so far

  • Howie

    Jul 22, 2007 at 9:28 AM

    Comment #1

    I think this guy could turn out to be an absolute legend at NUFC. Seems like he makes the game seem simple and at 2.9m when you look at some of the other prices being payed out for players he could be a steal. Even though PSG didn’t do great last year it was more due to the fact they didn’t score much, not cause they conceded loads.

  • Ed Harrison

    Jul 22, 2007 at 10:10 AM

    Comment #2

    Howie – he was voted PSG’s best player last season and played very well for them – according to reports in France.

  • Robert-from Croatia

    Jul 22, 2007 at 10:51 AM

    Comment #3

    I heard that he was voted in the French first division team of the season.And i think he will be a big signing for Newcastle.And i hope we that we will be able to buy a shirt-“David is a Geordie”,it would be nice.

  • Robert-from Croatia

    Jul 22, 2007 at 10:52 AM

    Comment #4

    I heard that he was voted in the French first division team of the season.And i think he will be a big signing for Newcastle.And i hope that we will be able to buy a shirt-“David is a Geordie”,it would be nice.

  • Obafan

    Jul 22, 2007 at 1:22 PM

    Comment #5

    Ed – yes I like to see Martins in a Newcastle shirt 😉 . I’m flattered that you used my comment in your article, thanks man.
    By now I’m 300% 😉 confident that he will be the new leader in our defence. Perhaps if Sam watches his attitude and playing style (which he will do according to the news a couple of days ago), he might be our new captain.

  • AndyT

    Jul 23, 2007 at 8:28 AM

    Comment #6

    “David is a Geordie” – Nah – Geordie Roze man

  • Chox

    Aug 7, 2007 at 11:33 AM

    Comment #7

    david Rozehnal will be the next nicos dabizas and he was a big hit in his day, all though, i think david Rozehnal has got a little more pace and he’s just as solid and with the likes of Cacapa new boy Jose Enrique and for me a future England captain Steve Taylor Newcastle’s back line will be a force next season, and dont be suprised to see the toon army knocking on the door of the big top four next season either.


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