Major Newcastle News Stories – 15th August – 2007

Quite a bit of good news today and some more news on the transfer front.

Looks like Sam may sign his 8th player today since the news is that Bolton’s Abdoulaye Faye is on Tyne-side undergoing a medical and if that’s successful he will sign for £2M.

Also news that the deal to send Dyer to West Ham seems to have been resurrected for an extra £1M. The fee now is quoted as £6M up front and an extra £1M based on performances. Good that everything is being tied up before the end of the transfer window in 16 days.


  • Seems like we have some double good news today. Reports suggest that Abdoulaye Faye is in Newcastle for a medical and he will sign for around £2M. To us that’s really good news because he’s a typical big, strong Sam type player. Faye has also played for Sam before at Bolton. Sam converted him to center-back last year from defensive midfield – but we’ll have to wait and see where Sam plays him – if he does arrive at Newcastle. News is that he may actually sign today if he passes his medical.
    The other good news is that it appears that West Ham and Newcastle will finally agree a deal for Kieron Dyer to move to the London club. It looks like Newcastle will get £1M more than the previous deal – as the price is now quoted at £6M up front with an extra £1M based on performances. That’s a good price for Dyer and will allow Sam to shore up our defense even more.
  • abdoulaye-faye.jpgkieron-dyer-1.jpg

    Abdoulaye Faye – coming to Newcastle and Kieron Dyer – going to West Ham – that’s a win-win-win for both clubs and Kieron

  • Surprising news this morning that Newcastle may be in for Barcelona’s Brazilian right-back Juliano Belletti. The fee is quoted at £3M which seems a little high for a 31 year-old but Belletti has lots of experience and joined Barcelona back in 2004. Since Sam has not yet spoken to Juliano this deal may not be far along. We include a playing review of the Brazilian. What with Cacapa already signed and the likelihood of Edmilson arriving in January – we could have 3 Brazilians in the team at the turn of the year.

    Juliano Belletti– another Sam Allardyce target from Barcelona

  • We have a piece today on Andrew Carroll our 18 year-old budding super-star – we hope 😀 Andrew is interviewed in the Journal and says he’s looking forward to his time at Preston. He did make his debut last night against Morecombe when he was brought on after 87 minutes – but Preston were beaten 2-1 and Andrew couldn’t do much for them in 3 minutes. He did manage to get his name in the book unfortunately. It will be very interesting to see how Andy performs at Preston – very well we hope.

    Andrew Carroll– made his debut for Preston last night as a substitute

  • We report on the news yesterday that Sam may be after Phil Neville of Everton. Phil signed for Everton two years ago from Manchester United and has made the switch rather easily to Everton. He is now their captain and we think it would be very difficult for Big Sam to persuade Phil to leave Everton right now for Newcastle. But we’ll have to wait and see – the fee quoted is £4M for the 30 year-old.

    Phil Neville – difficult to prise him away from Everton

  • We review today Sam’s summer signings and other players, like Neville above, whom he seems to be pursuing. With Sam bringing in £14M from the sale of Parker and Dyer (we assume Kieron will move to West Ham) then it’s not too much he has spent so far. The 6 players he has brought in cost around £20M so that’s a new spend of just £6M if Dyer moves to West Ham. We think that’s just excellent business. Sam is still pursuing Faye, Neville, Yepes and Belletti we believe.

    Sam Allardyce – conducting the transfer traffic at Newcastle?

  • An update on a charity run by Mark Allison from John O’ Groats to Land’s End on behalf of St. Benedict’s Hospice. Mark completed his run and is now back home on Tyne-side and has given various interviews – including to Sky Sports. He’ll be featured in the match program on Saturday evening. Mark lost 2 stones during his run (28lbs to US readers) and he’ll be at St. James’ Park on Saturday for a lap of honor before we take Aston Villa apart. Mark had this new message on his web-site this morning:

    “I had my fitness assessment yesterday afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.”

    “The most meaningful figures to the man in the street are of course weight and body fat.”

    “Well, I’m pleased to report that during the course of the run I lost over 2 stone. I went from 17 stone 1 pound to 14 stone 12 pounds.”

    “Considering I was 17 stone 8 pounds in January then this is some loss indeed! I can’t remember the last time I was 14 stone anything.”

    “I think it was perhaps 1998, just before I went on a 3 week drinking holiday to Australia with my mate Adam!

    Here’s Mark’s web site where he has a daily log and all kinds of good information about his fabulous effort. If you can contribute to Mark’s efforts please do so at this just giving site


    Mark Allison – gives thumbs up sign for a great Newcastle season – which appears more and more likely 😀

  • Finally here’s some funny football quotes – today three quotes from one of our favorite people – Bobby Robson – to lighten up the day 😀

    Maybe not goodbye, but farewell.” – Bobby Robson

    “They’ve probably played better than they’ve ever done for a few weeks.” – Bobby Robson

    “The margin is very marginal.” – Bobby Robson

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    • Tom_Toon

      Aug 15, 2007 at 2:26 PM

      Comment #1

      No to Faye and Neville.
      Yes to Yepes and Beletti.

    • Fredrik

      Aug 15, 2007 at 2:26 PM

      Comment #2

      Yes to all 4.

    • Tom_Toon

      Aug 15, 2007 at 2:29 PM

      Comment #3


    • Hadji

      Aug 15, 2007 at 2:38 PM

      Comment #4

      Newcastle in my view is a potential candidate for the title, even this year.I can feel the desire of the players and manager itself.Why not,Newcastle wont be playing in Champions league or Uefa cup this year,which gives them more time for preparations.I’m very optimistic about Newcastle this year.Who would have thought that Stutgart would win the Bundes League last season,or when Kaiserslautern after promoted from 2nd division,won the german title the next seasonwhen Bayern was very strong.Those are little examples that anything is possible.

    • Pete

      Aug 15, 2007 at 2:56 PM

      Comment #5

      lol, its was nice to see us on top of the table even if it was just after one match. But potential title contenders I am not so sure, the players that Sam is signing are ones that we have needed for a long time but we still need real quality – I am talking top class.

      Apart from our strikers who else would get into the first team of the other title contenders Manure, Chel$ki and ARSEnal ?

      I do hope that with a lot of luck and determination we could possibly make a champions league spot though.

      It might be worth a punt on us winning the carling cup as Sam has already said that he is keen to do well in that competition as it is the fastest route to qualify for Europe

    • Dave

      Aug 15, 2007 at 2:58 PM

      Comment #6

      Hadji – I have a lot of optimism for this season but not quite that much! 🙂 May be next year!

    • apan

      Aug 15, 2007 at 3:02 PM

      Comment #7

      agreed with dave, dont put ur title hopes too high, thats what we been doin each and every year and end up dissapointed, give BSA time to settle down, i dont want to be labeled that again as newcastle fans are always regarded as too optimistic and always dreaming by the papers, pundits heck other clubs, but realistically lookin this year im sure this year we could be in the top 6, esp with spurs poor showing and yes hadji prob now we can focus on domestic cup like league cup or fa cup no doubt, but im satisfied enuff with a euro spot 🙂

    • graham

      Aug 15, 2007 at 3:26 PM

      Comment #8

      Hadji – stop smoking whatever you’re smoking! I love your optimism and i promise to bow down before your greater footballing knowledge if it happens but lets not get carried away just yet.

      personally i can see us in the top 6/7 this year but it will take time for all the new signings to settle completely.

    • Tetsuo

      Aug 15, 2007 at 3:42 PM

      Comment #9

      Tom although i agree with you about Neville i think Faye would be a good addition as hes solid both at centre back and in the centre of midfield is big and strong and doesnt mess around on the ball. I think Belletti would be more important to bag than Yepes just because i simply don’t want to see Carr play ever again and right back is one position ive been continuously worried about over the whole course of preseason and it was the only negative i could take out of the Bolton game…thoughts please..

    • Alex

      Aug 15, 2007 at 4:19 PM

      Comment #10

      I think faye and Neville would be excellent buys .Strong and experienced premiership players.But i think getting Neville is along shot.Belletti wont leave Barca for the toon, Rijkaard has said he wants him to stay.I think third or fourth place is on this season after the Bolton game.And that after Sam said his players are not yet fit enough.

    • Doc

      Aug 15, 2007 at 4:25 PM

      Comment #11

      Not so long ago some of us myself included were starting to pull out hair out in angst over the lack of new signings and small squad.

      One game a few new faces and many of us dare to believe the good times are closer than we ever dared believe.

      Cant wait for the next game to come.

    • Tom_Toon

      Aug 15, 2007 at 4:25 PM

      Comment #12

      Beletti has been told he has no place at Barca. Roma and Toon are interested.

    • Ed Harrison

      Aug 15, 2007 at 4:35 PM

      Comment #13

      Looks like if Sam gets Faye – it’s instead of Yepes according to the Chronicle.
      Not sure how true the story about Belletti is – but it also looks like Sam is making deals that’ll go through in January…..really think one of those will be for Edmilson which would be great.

    • Ed Harrison

      Aug 15, 2007 at 4:38 PM

      Comment #14

      Doc – if we can beat Aston Villa well on Saturday things will really be flying because Sam still seems to be bringing in good players – even now – like Faye – and getting rid of others who now don’t fit – like Dyer – and getting a good price for him – Sam’s a master tactician in the transfer marker – he’ll save Ashley lots and lots of money. But it looks like Sam’s going for broke this season.

    • michael

      Aug 15, 2007 at 4:55 PM

      Comment #15

      Yepes and Faye – will only sign one who won’t make the 1st XI
      Beletti – Would be ace but unlikely
      Neville – Not in a million years

      I’ve heard differing reports as to whether Beletti is even availible, and Neville definately won’t be. I don’t see the top four as cut and dry as some are making out. Remember the season before last, Everton were in there and before that it was us. A lot will come down to how we play against the top sides, were we will be much more competitive. Relish the thought of six point games this year, but nobody can say whats round the corner.

    • scotty

      Aug 15, 2007 at 9:59 PM

      Comment #16

      I would be really disappointed if we signed Neville – granted, he has improved dramatically at Everton but he was previously carried by the name of his brother – not mentioning his England career! Faye will be a good squad player and it remains to be seen on the other two.

      It seems to me that a vast number of supporters if not all of them are fully behind BSA now. Which in turn is the one basic principle you need at any club to be successful!!! Roll on Saturday – i can’t wait…….

    • Gav

      Aug 16, 2007 at 12:14 AM

      Comment #17

      Take it easy hadji! we are not quite there yet. with the way things are going maybe the next 2-3 years than we will be the title contender. provided if BS is still around. overall the squad is looking good. with or without neville or faye. don’t think they have it in them but like what BS said who else can he get and who else would want to come now. maybe when the toon are in champs league than thats another different story. anyway, this is a great site and its nice to know theres so many loyal TOON ARMY supporter around. i could hardly find any in Melbourne.

    • Tito

      Aug 16, 2007 at 5:37 AM

      Comment #18

      I feel belletti and neville are priority. we need someone who actually can paly at right back fast! Carr and nobby cannot make it IMO. both are too slow and Carr’s still as crap as last season, despite losing a few stone.

      Faye and Yepes, I prefer Faye, though both not impressive. PSG offered Yepes to us, there must be a problem. i don’t trust Yepes much. Overall, either of them can only be back up player, so the urgency is not there.


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