Major Newcastle News Stories – 3rd September – 2007

Newcastle United fans are still immersed in the great win over Wigan on Saturday, which had so many positive points to admire, even though Newcastle missed so many chances.

Some stories are starting to emerge as to what happened last Friday on the transfer front. Turns out Big Sam was in London at 7am that morning to get a work permit for Abdoulaye Faye, and then back at Newcastle persuading Habib Beye to join Newcastle right up until midnight on Friday evening. He was successful on both fronts and we know Newcastle fans appreciate the very hard work Sam is willing to put in for the club.

Sam Allardyce seems inspired to be Newcastle United’s manager and his pride is enveloping the whole club with positive vibes about our future. Good job the players really produced for him on Saturday, which probably took away in an instant Sam’s fatigue, once Owen finally scored. There’s no doubt Big Sam seems to be doing everything right at Newcastle and is delighted to have the chance.

Needless to say he is already greatly admired by the Newcastle faithful.


  • Now that the transfer window is closed we take an assessment of the Newcastle squad we will have until the January transfer window opens. It’s a good squad and so much stronger than in recent years. Depending on how things go over the next four months will decide what Sam does in January. But we still expect him to bring in Edmilson – because he’s a good player and available for a small fee. Who else Sam brings in will depend on how some of the squad’s fringe players like Babayaro, Pattison, Ameobi and others perform. If they don’t improve much then Sam may unload them in January – but only after he has replacements lined up.

    Sam Allardyce – put together a great squad in a short 3 months

  • Stories are starting to come out as to what happened on Friday with the Newcastle transfer targets. Turned out it went down to the wire with Habib Beye who was holding out for a 4 year deal but agreed, at the last moment, on the 3 year deal Newcastle had offered. Habib also tells what made him change his mind on Newcastle when Sam came calling last Monday – after Stephen Carr’s injury. It’s an interesting story.

    Habib Beye– finally agreed to sign fro Newcastle just before Friday’s deadline

  • Sam had an extremely busy day on Friday as he was in London at 7am getting Faye’s work permit (why couldn’t somebody else have done this for him – why Sam?) and then back at Newcastle where he persuaded Habib Beye to join Newcastle just before the midnight hour. It’s a very busy schedule but we’re sure Sam’s not complaining – apparently when he was told Faye had signed he was “the happiest man in Newcastle” according to our very impressive chairman, Chris Mort. By the way we have to also applaud Chris and the other members of the Newcastle management for giving Big Sam so much support over the last several months – that augers so well for the future. Also seeing Mike Ashley at the Newcastle’s games now is also enlightening as he seems destined to become a Newcastle fanatic as he gets sucked into the red hot passion generated by the club’s great supporters.
    We are also impressed with the way Chris Mort and Mike are going about raising Newcastle image, first of all in England, but then worldwide. There is no doubt the world-wide Newcastle fan base is about to rise significantly in the coming months and years.
    That’s one strategic goal of this web-site – to support the growth of the Newcastle fan base on a world wide basis – because we know there are lots of emerging Newcastle fans out there.


    Chris Mort– doing a great job as Newcastle chairman

  • We have a piece about Michael Owen and how he’s coming into his old form. While Michael missed some chances on Saturday none of them was easy and his goal was just sublime. It’s strange that we talk of Owen and Martins being in competition because Martins created the goal for Owen and was also mobbed by his Newcastle team mates after Michael scored. It shows the good will in the side when you see that sort of thing. We think they’ll both become better players at Newcastle because of their rivalry – if indeed it is a rivalry. Michael also talks about the buzz that’s in the Newcastle squad – because of the anticipation of having a good season. Michael’s a good lad and in retrospect we were probably a little hard on him during the summer.

    Michael Owen – coming into his very best goal-scoring form for Newcastle

  • Sam spoke to the Newcastle United web-site after the game and gave his assessment of the game. The game certainly should have been wrapped up by half time much like the Bolton game was – but we missed chances and had absolutely no luck at all. But the lads kept going and Sam was very pleased. He also pointed out it was a touch of real quality from Owen and Martins to get the goal with only 3 minutes to go. Owen looked sharp yesterday as did Newcastle overall – and if we continue playing like this we are going to be 4-0 up at half time against some unlucky team when we do get some luck.

    Sam Allardcye – game should have been over by half time but still good performance

  • Just a great story about Mike Ashley’s celebrations following the win against Bransley on Wednesdy night. Turns out he and Chris Mort went to a local night-club in the Bigg Market and was refused entry because his attire wasn’t suitable. He was wearing the famous black and white stripes of the club he owns. Needless to say the dress code at the club was changed for that particular night (good call by the owner) and Mike bought everybody there (300) a drink on him. Best story I’ve read in a while – we try to put a comedic twist on it. By the way it’s just a great thing that Mike is always seen wearing the strip – and doesn’t he seem to enjoy himself – good for him.

    Mike Ashley – wearing his business dress of late, does he ever get it laundered?

  • Our new site has been nominated for ‘Best Sports Blog’ as part of the Bloggers Choice Awards. If you would like to vote for us you can do so here. You can also browse through other nominations you can vote for.
    Ahmed Bilal’s site SoccerLens was also nominated and you can vote for Ahmed’s site here.
    I don’t know too much about these awards to be honest and certainly don’t consider myself a professional journalist – I’m a dedicated Newcastle fan writing about the club I’ve supported all my life after finally retiring – and loving it.
  • Finally here’s some choice football quotes – today from the lips of Kevin Keegan – to lighten up the day 😀

    “Young Gareth Barry, you know, he’s young.” – Kevin Keegan

    “You can’t do better than go away from home and get a draw” – Kevin Keegan

    “Despite his white boots, he has real pace” – Kevin Keegan

    “He’s got a heart as big as his size, which isn’t big, but his heart’s bigger than that.” – Kevin Keegan

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  • toonfan1

    Sep 3, 2007 at 12:01 PM

    Comment #1

    people say that tottenham are the only team in the league that can break the top 4 (arsenal, liverpool, man utd and chelsea) but i completly disagree as i think teams like us, villa, man city and everton all stand a better chance then spurs. i think spurs have spent badly this season, 21m on bent is stupid and he isnt a first teamer whereas newcastle have spent wisely on the defence in rozenhal, faye, beye, cacapa are some examples and so have man city in corluka, they had richards and dunne and also they brought garrido and villa have a decent back line but i am saying i think tottenham depend to much on there forwards and have a weak defence and thats why i think that newcastle,villa,everton and man city have a betta chance of breaking the top 4 then spurs.

  • big pea ov the weab

    Sep 3, 2007 at 12:01 PM

    Comment #2

    sams just wot this club needs a head strong maneger who takes no shit keep up the good worl big sam

  • big pea ov the weab

    Sep 3, 2007 at 12:01 PM

    Comment #3

    sams just wot this club needs a head strong maneger who takes no shit keep up the good work big sam

  • AndyW

    Sep 3, 2007 at 12:01 PM

    Comment #4

    Our draw with Villa is in a different context now that Villa have beaten Chelsea, bearing in mind we didn’t play that well.

    I agree with you Ed, somebody is going to get a hammering at some point, possibly poor old Derby in the next game?

  • rich

    Sep 3, 2007 at 12:04 PM

    Comment #5

    babayaro who??? 😀

  • rich

    Sep 3, 2007 at 12:09 PM

    Comment #6 Team of the Weekend:

    1 – Maik Taylor

    2 – Steven Taylor – !!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 – Andrew Taylor

    4 – David Wheater

    5 – Ryan Nelsen

    6 – Xabi Alonso

    7 – Ashley Young

    8 – Cesc Fabregas

    9 – Craig Bellamy

    10 – Michael Owen – !!!!!!!!!!

    11 – Matthew Etherington

  • Hadji

    Sep 3, 2007 at 12:23 PM

    Comment #7

    Newcastle at the moment is way better than Tottenham and Man City.Our outcome for this transfer period was around 13 mill which is only half of what Liverpool paid to bring Torres and 65 % of the amount which Spurs paid for Bent.Ok,Torres is world class but Bent is too much overrated.I couldn’t even imagine what BSA would have brought to the club if he had around 40 mill permited to spend.What he achieved this summer is amazing and no other manager would be able to do that.Long live BSA

  • Toon! Toon!

    Sep 3, 2007 at 12:46 PM

    Comment #8

    I don’t think that BSA would of done much differently had he has £40 Million instead of the alleged 10.
    I think that all that may of happened is that all the players we got would of come in a lot quicker but costing lots more money.
    Perhaps the only thing different is he may of bought his “galactico”.

    I think of ALL the teams in the PL we have spent the wisest, and I’m not just saying that as a Toon Fan, but for one reason, the amount we have spent…
    In the past the gooners, manure, spuds et al have blamed us for the crazy wages and high transfers.( Starting, really, with Big Al tbh!)

    Now look at us.. some of the most cost effective signings where we haven’t been “bullied” into paying extortionate fees, just because we’re Newcastle and willing to pay it.

  • Johnny

    Sep 3, 2007 at 2:38 PM

    Comment #9

    Things looking up for Newcastle for definite.

  • Toon! Toon!

    Sep 3, 2007 at 3:20 PM

    Comment #10

    I know FFS always put the money up and brought in big names and was excellent in that respect, but he looks a bit of a fool now considering the shrewd business efforts of the current regime.

    If I was in the scrap trade I would definitely deal with the Shepherds! – they would obviously pay over the odds for my scrap 😉

  • Chris

    Sep 3, 2007 at 3:25 PM

    Comment #11

    Big Sam has worked wonders in the short time he’s been here. His signings have been excellent. He won’t be held to ransom. He’s got the team gelling nicely, and they all seem happy. We,ve got strength in depth. We’ve got a few players who can play in numerous positions. His training routines are physically demanding so we should see less injuries because the players should be strong. Plus their stamina should be good so we can attack for 90 minutes and not just in the first half as we’ve seen in the past.
    All in all, we should see the team grow stronger aand when it comes down to physical games we should come out on top.

  • KevinHann

    Sep 3, 2007 at 6:24 PM

    Comment #12

    I don’t understand why would we need Edmilson now. An old player in the dying stages of his career, having won everything he could have won and now looking for financially lucrative move. What would his motivation be? Cacapa is a way better acquisition and now that we have him Edmilson is simply out of the frame. Please stop expressing your hopes of a “big player signing” in this guy. A player of vast experience and commanding presence wouldn’t be unneeded, but let’s try for someone who still has something to fight for (and not a money-hungry not wanted by his current club and just recently heavily injured player)!

  • dragoner

    Sep 3, 2007 at 10:42 PM

    Comment #13

    i see your point, and for the large part it is very true, however i do not feel Edmilson would really be competition for cacapa, but more competition for geremi, barton or butt, i think edmilson would be used as competition for our defensive midfielders due to his versatility and attacking capabilities, even tho he is equally adept at centre back…plus i believe a big name like him would help when attempting to secure the signing of other big names, kinda like what henry did for arsenal….altho edmilson is no henry lol

  • Stami

    Sep 4, 2007 at 7:48 AM

    Comment #14

    i have to agree with KevinHann here! he is past his sell by date, with a bad injury and nothing to fight for!

    in regards to ‘having a big name to attract other players’, we have Owen and Martins! Martins who seemed to spark so much interest from Man U and Arsenal just before the close of transfer. give him another season and we will be fighting off the offers!

    i personally dont think Edmilson is a good idea, and is not really needed! we just managed to move Dyer off our treatment bench, lets not try replace him…


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