Where Will Newcastle Finish This Season?

With the transfer window finally closed and with Newcastle now having 9 new players in the squad we thought it might be a good time to conduct a poll to see where Newcastle fans think the club will end up in the league this season.

Most of us thought top 8 would be great, because that will put us back into Europe. However, it may be that some fans think we can even do better than that given the acquisition of some good players in the summer, especially defenders.

As we all know defense has been our big weakness for at least 10 years.


Sam Allardcye – probably wants to keep expectations low – we don’t blame him

Just as a reminder and a level set these are the positions we have finished in over the last 4 seasons with the number of points and the manager at the time

Season       Pos   Points    Manager

2006-2007     12th     43      Roeder
2005-2006      7th     58      Roeder
2004-2005     14th     44      Souness
2003-2004      5th     56      Robson

We’ll have six overall positions Bottom 10, Top 10, Top 8, Top 6, Top 4, Top 2

Thanks for voting.