New Statistics Page on Newcastle United Blog

This is something we had as the last item is a rather full Major News Stories yesterday and it may have been missed so we’ll publicize it again today.

We’ve added some new statistics to attempt to compare how we are doing this year to previous seasons. We thank one of readers, Simon, for suggesting this via the contacts form.

The difficulty is the league table, at any one time, doesn’t tell the whole story since it depends on which teams we have played to date. We have added a new statistics page that compares our results this season with the last two seasons.


As an example for the Bolton game away, we’ll look at how we did in the previous two seasons and compare the points we got. Once we meet a promoted team (like Derby on Monday) we’ll compare them with a specific relegated team from last season.

It seems to give a quick snapshot on how we are doing relative to the last two seasons. Here’s the table as it stands right now after our first 4 games – looks like we’re not too much better as it turns out.

Fixture  	   05-06   06-07  07-08

Bolton - A 	     0 	     0      3
Aston Villa - H      1 	     3 	    1
Middlesbrough - A    3 	     0 	    1
Wigan - H 	     3       3 	    3

TOTAL Points 	     7       6 	    8

The STATS page is along the top of this site or you can click here. Please take a look and give us your feedback on this new table and also feedback on the overall stats we are keeping for Newcastle. Let us know if there are other important statistics to keep this season for Newcastle.

Comments very welcome.