Four Funny Football Quotes For Today


On this spot every day – following some good comments and suggestions – we’ll include the four football quotes each day – and also have a question of the day. We’ll post the question on our Newcastle United Forum or we’ll highlight an existing topic that one of our readers has already posted that we find interesting. We’ll also still include a nice picture at the end 😀
Also, if any of our readers has a picture or art-work we can use for this section rather than the shirt above – let us know – thanks.

1) Question of the Day

Now that we’ve had Beye and Enrique both play together how are they looking. Here’s the topic that one of our readers Eran K has put on the Forum – let’s have your opinions and ideas on this – we do expect them to be our full-backs today.

2) Here’s some funny and interesting quotes that will help lighten up the day – which we all need at times 😀

“I couldn’t settle in Italy – it was like living in a foreign country.” – Ian Rush

“Gary Speed has never played better, never looked fitter, never been older.” – Bobby Robson

Reporter: “This might sound like a daft question, but you’ll be happy to get your first win under your belt, won’t you?” “You’re right. It is a daft question. I’m not even going to bother answering that one. It is a daft question, you’re spot on there.” – Gordon Strachan

“Football isn’t a matter of life and death – its much more important than that!” – Bill Shankly

3) Picture of the Day


Who is this great beauty – born near us over here in Brogden, North Carolina?