Sam Has Work To Do At Newcastle

Here are some points we have noticed that Man City today ruthlessly exposed. But at least we have a good idea now what they are, so we can work on them.

One thing that was noticeable was the skill Sven Eriksson has quickly brought into the Man City side – so these skilfull players are available .

It’s OK getting tough no-nonsense players that can solidify our defense but even that was exposed today. We’d like to play more creative football and we need more creative players in the squad.


Big Sam – yes it was that bad at Man City today

Here are some points that we have to fix – hopefully before the transfer window opens on January 1st.

  • We are too slow in defense and in midfield – Geremi and Butt together in midfield just don’t hack it. Sam will have to let some skill come into the side. What type of player would be good – hey – an Albert Luque type. But Sam has to give Emre and Barton their chance when they are fit – why don’t we give Emre a start in central midfield for our next game.
  • We are still gullible in defense – the only goal we couldn’t do much about was Elano’s rocket which flew from 35 yards into the very top right hand corner of Given’s net. It was oone of the best hit shots we’ve ever seen – it was that good – and yes Elano is Brazilian.
    Given had no chance and he did very well to get near it, which he did. The first goal caught us wide open and lack of speed cost us for the second goal.
  • Mike Ashley has said he will make money available in January. Good – we expect we need to bring in at least 4 players who will be immediate first-teamers if not starters. As we suggested yesterday, we will also need to bring in some good youngsters, say 17 to 21 year olds. With Sam’s legendary preparation, let’s hope we can get a good start by bringing in two or three top players on January 1st. Do the work now.
  • We are not good enough in midfield to play 4-3-3 and we give up midfield immediately. Sam needs to understand that if he wants to play that go out and by a top central midfielder like Fabregas – otherwise let’s play 4-4-2 – please.

By the way our next game is at home to Everton next Sunday 7th Oct.

Let’s know what you think – comments, ideas and opinions are all very welcome. The basic question – what do we need to do now?