Four Funny Football Quotes For Today


On this spot every day we’ll include the four football quotes – and also have a question of the day. We’ll post the question on our Newcastle United Forum or we’ll highlight an existing topic that one of our readers has already posted that we find interesting.
We’ll also still include a nice picture at the end 😀
Also, if any of our readers has a picture or art-work we can use for this section rather than the shirt above – let us know – thanks.

1) Question of the Day

Wellwhat did you think of the game yesterday against Manchester City. Let us know you opinions and ideas for improvement for our team. We were beaten by a better team for the second time in 5 days. But wait till we meet the weaker sides – we’ll beat them easily.
Oops – just like Derby? 😀

2) Four Funny Football Quotes – here’s some funny and interesting quotes that will help lighten up the day – which we all need at times – especially after a defeat 😀

“Using his strength. And that is his strength, his strength.” – strong words from Kevin Keegan

“We’re at the top of a cliff and we can either fall off the edge or keep climbing.” – Gary Neville

“I’m surprised I still have so much hair after all the things I’ve done with it.” – David Beckham

“I’m missing pie, mash and liquor and jellied eels.” – David Beckham

3) Picture of the Day


Who is this great English beauty – born in India