Don’t Rush Michael Owen Back Again

As we reported on Saturday Michael Owen had two successful procedures performed at the Dr Ulrike Muschaweck’s renowned Munich Hernia Center, repairing a torn abductor muscle and treating a sportsman’s hernia.

Ulrike Muschaweck’s “Minimal Repair Technique” allows patients to walk and use weights and train within even two days if all is well.

It looks like in Michael’s case there was minimal damage – which is great.


Michael Owen – seems wary of rushing back again for England

We thought there’d be calls from the media to have Owen back quickly if all went well in Germany. That’s so he can play in England’s upcoming qualifiers and we don’t think Sam is helping the situation by saying Michael could play against Everton next Sunday. Even if he’s fully fit Oba Martins should keep his starting place, which he surely will for the next game. We are concerned if Michael comes on for 15 minutes against Everton that’s enough to free him up for the England games and the risk of further injury involved. Once bitten twice shy – we think is the saying.

Sam Allardyce, the Newcastle manager, has not ruled out the prospect of fielding the striker in Newcastle’s home match against Everton at the weekend, but we wish he would. We are a little dubious in rushing Michael back for next Sunday. If he doesn’t make that game then should not play in the England qualifying games.

Sam talked about Michael’s situation:

“If he proves his fitness for the Everton game then he is fit enough to play,” “We’ll see how he develops when he gets back from Germany and see if he is fit enough to play.

“We are not saying he is fit for England yet because we are not saying he is fit for the Everton game yet. He might be.”

“The biggest thing for Michael is that the strengthening work has been done and that should stand him in good stead, so we will have to wait for the abductor to heal and we don’t know how long that will take.”

Newcastle have already suffered greatly by being the good guys and allowing Michael to be rushed back for the World Cup last year. We basically lost Michael for the season. Yes – it could be that he can make these games Sam talks about – but why take the risk? We’d much rather that Michael miss the Everton game and play in our next game which is at home to Tottenham on 22nd October.

It seems like Owen would rather do that too – because if he plays for England and gets injured again it wouldn’t go over too well with Newcastle fans – but looks like Michael understands that – as he talked last Saturday after the procedures:

“I don’t want to tempt fate by making a premature forecast,” “Medical advice will decide how quickly I will be back in action. I’d rather remain cautious than set any unrealistic targets.”

“But in the back of my mind, before I had the surgery, I had focused on Newcastle’s October 22 Premier League game against Tottenham for a possible return. Anything before that, including England’s two European qualifiers against Estonia and Russia, would be a bonus.”

“I shall cling to the hope I can play for England, but people must accept that Newcastle have to come first at the moment. They pay my wages and I have missed far too many games since joining them to put them at the back of the queue as far as priorities go.”

We’re surprised Sam is speaking so positively about how quickly Michael can return when the player himself is more reticent and cautious. The right thing to do is wait and let Michael have a rest. He’ll miss one additional Newcastle game and surely there are players in England who can come in and win both our qualifying games for us.

If you’d like to know what a sportsman’s hernia is take a look here.

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  • SingKing

    Oct 1, 2007 at 9:56 AM

    Comment #1

    Imho we would be insane to bring Little Mickey Owen back for the match vs Spuds or any other match until he is fully fit. Fully fit means he can train hard, then does 45 minutes for reserves, then a couple of full games for reserves, then last 30 minutes for first team, and only starts when Oba goes to play African Cup of Nations. The reason he is injured again is because McLaren played him for 2×90 minutes straight off the sick list and for some reason BSA also seems to be compelled to start him whatever. We can play the Duke / Oba/ / Jimmy Milner / Zoggy / Smudger (please not Shola) up front so why on earth risk Owen again? Unless of course you believe the England conspiracy theory.


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