Prove You’re Better than Alan Oliver

Of all the local football writers at Newcastle it seems that Alan Oliver of the Evening Chronicle, who has been reporting Newcastle United for the longest, comes in for the most stick from the fans of Newcastle United.

Some of it may be deserved on Alan’s part sometimes, but are you as good at writing about sports as Alan Oliver?

Here’s a chance to prove you are.


Alan Oliver – in discussion with Evening Chronicle colleague Lee Ryder
Note: does anyone have a better photograph of Alan?

Our sister site SoccerLens, run by Ahmed Bilal, is running a football writing competition, which you can enter by 14th October. You actually get some money if you win. Ahmed has a good introduction on football journalism and says you can make big money out of this. Ahmed is also looking for writers at SoccerLens.

Take a shot at the competition if you have the journalism juices flowing.  There’s really not much down side – here’s the Link to the SoccerLens Football Writing Competition.

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