Geremi – We Must Beat Everton Today, No Excuses

Newcastle United skipper Geremi is adamant that Newcastle have to beat Everton today at St. James’ Park if the team wants to have a chance of finishing in the top 6 and qualifying for Europe next season.

Geremi is very straight about this because Everton, who won their first round tie of the UEFA cup in the Ukraine on Thursday night, will also be pushing to qualify for Europe again this year.


Geremi – Newcastle captain says we must beat Everton – no excuses

Geremi said yesterday:

“Everton are one of the six teams we are fighting with for a European place.” “It isn’t a good thing to drop points against them.” “We must win and make sure we are in contention for a European place. There is no hiding place for us.”

“We want that position. We don’t have a specification on whether it is Champions League or the UEFA but we know we need to be around the top six.” “That’s why we must keep winning especially at home.”

Sam has complained about some of the scheduling this season, such as the last 3 games which were over a short 6 day period when we lost the last two to Arsenal and Man City. Newcastle have a chance today because of Everton’s hoped for fatigue from last week but the players are still gelling and still trying to play better as a single unit.

Geremi continued:

“We had a good week in training.” “It was important for the manager because he needed that week to work with us.” “Coming from a defeat is good in a way, because if you have lost the week before like we did at Man City, you want to win this one even more.”

“You want it to come quickly to win and forget the last game.” “For us it’s important to win and give everything to make sure we go into the international break with a win under our belts.”

Geremi also spent time on Friday supporting the charity Meningitis UK by packing bags at ASDA in Gateshead, along with Oba Martins, on whom we reported yesterday. The Newcastle United captain went on:

“We learned from the defeat at Man City.” “We know we have players who can score all over the pitch but we know we mustn’t concede. I remember before we went to Man City we were tighter and we managed to score which helped us win the games.” “It is simple but it is the way it is.”

“We have managed to score in many matches and proved we can score. The aim is to keep a clean sheet and focus on that if we are to win the match.”

Well, there you have it – there will be few excuses if Newcastle cannot get the job done today since several advantages are in our favor. The one thing we must avoid is defensive slackness, lack of concentration and stupid mistakes. If we can do that then something like a 2-0 win is definitely attainable.  The league table will then look a lot more comforting to Geordie supporters throughout the world.

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  • john stewart

    Oct 7, 2007 at 10:17 AM

    Comment #1

    we will win 2day deffo we have a better team than them we will be a bit fitter and we are at home and also everyone wants to put last weeks defeat to bed so yeah we shud deffo win!!!!!!

  • Graeme

    Oct 7, 2007 at 10:37 AM

    Comment #2

    A weeks training together must surely help the defence to gell, but will it produce any creativity in the midfield areas that will enable the strikers to find the net???

    We were pretty weak in the creativity stakes last week, with Oba creating a great goal from a fab through ball. Hopefully the inclusion of Emre might add another dimension to our attacking play, fingers crossed, its a must win game!!!

  • geordie in taipei

    Oct 7, 2007 at 11:42 AM

    Comment #3

    Our CENTRAL midfield is absoloutley useless at the minute. Nicky butt is doing nothing, and even Geremi isn’t playing great for me…..but i think playing alongside butt is a hinderance. I reckon Smith and geremi or Emre in the middle until barton is back. Smith isn’t a winger but he’s tough in the center and he moves about enough to make interesting enough to have in the center. Emre would add some skill but then Geremi does have some height. Anyways, Smityh in the center with some one and Zpg and Milner on flanks.

  • leo

    Oct 7, 2007 at 12:06 PM

    Comment #4

    smith and martins up front because viduka is struggling.

    lets hear some noise today, singing from the bottom to the rafters- i know i will be.

    im away to eat my pre football match steak woop, enjoy the game


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