Sam – Newcastle Need More Shutouts

Sam Allardyce has mentioned a few times that the team with the most shutouts during a season is usually the team that wins the Premiership.

You can never accuse Newcastle, in the last several years, of having a decent defense and we don’t get too many shutouts as a result.

But this year Sam has already challenged the team that he wants 10 shutouts in the league. Obviously being able to defend is vitally important, especially when you go 1-0 up and even more so when it’s away from home.

Just look how many 1-0 wins Chelsea had in their Premiership winning seasons, and only recently Manchester United won 6 games on the trot – winning each game 1-0.


Sam Allardyce – we need much tighter defense

Big Sam says that it’s his job to make Newcastle a much harder outfit to break down, especially away from St.James’ Park. Sam told today:

“We are still conceding too many goals, especially away from home,” “That’s my main area of concern. We have not kept a single clean sheet away from home.”

“It did not matter at Bolton on the opening day because we scored three goals and won the game but we can’t afford to keep doing that.”

“The Man City game was the perfect example. We could not hold on to draw, even though we went a goal up. We have to play a bit tighter when we are a goal up.”

“It’s been a problem for Newcastle teams in the past. It’s something we have to get right if we are going to be successful.”

We shouldn’t have conceded 2 goals in the last game with Everton. A 3-1 win would have been much better. But was a bit of a howler from Shay Given that he managed to turn the ball into his own net right at the death, when the ball was drifting wide. That also points out the poor communication in the defense, but they’re all new players across the back four, so that will take a little time, to be fair.

We’ve had just 3 clean sheets in our first 10 games with 2 of those in the league. But we’ve conceded in every one of our last 5 games, so a win and a clean sheet would be very welcome against Tottenham next Monday night. Then we face Reading away, on the following Saturday.  Reading don’t exactly have the best attack in the league, though they are a very tough team to play. Maybe we can squeeze a clean sheet in that game too, and at least a point.

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