Sam Allardyce Sings Praises Of Enrique

Sam spoke to after the game and sang the praises of Jose Enrique, who had another solid game for Newcastle and it was his 50 yard lofted through ball to Martins, that was directly responsible for the vital first goal.

Enrique is looking a better player with every game and if there’s a better left back in Spain we’d like to know who he is.


Jose Enrique – looks more accomplished with every game

In fact all four at the back turned in extremely strong performances, especially in central defense where Cacapa continues to look a class act. In fact one block by Cacapa in the first half was shown in slow motion on the TV and Claudio through himself in front of the shot just outside the area, and the ball hit him flush in the face. That’s the commitment these players are showing. It’s great to watch – but probably not good for Claudio’s looks :D.

Spanish under-21 left-back Jose Enrique can become the complete Premier League left-back, says Newcastle manager Sam Allardyce. Jose is looking more and more comfortable with each game. He looks a potential fantastic talent. Some of his passes out of defense were nicely placed up front in the left channel for Martins to run onto and scare the life out of the Spurs’ defense.

Sam talked to the official Newcastle United site about the Spaniard after the game:

“He is looking more and more comfortable as he gets used to the Premier League.”

“Certainly going forward, his final delivery to the front men and into the box is pretty good.”

“We want to see him get forward more and more. His defending was pretty good – and as he is a young man, I am hoping I will eventually have a complete Premier League left-back.”

In fact our three 21 year-olds playing tonight Milner, N’Zogbia and Enrique have great potential and let’s not forget our England Under-21 captain Steven Taylor. To have four 21 year-olds performing at the level they are for the club has to be encouraging for the future of Newcastle United.

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  • michael

    Oct 23, 2007 at 12:32 AM

    Comment #1

    I honestly thought he was going to tank it. Pleasantly suprised we haven’t bought another Marcelino.

  • Dragoner

    Oct 23, 2007 at 1:31 AM

    Comment #2

    im annoyed you haven’t really mentioned faye ed, he was amazing tonight, and i must say, martins was very good tonight also

  • Otter

    Oct 23, 2007 at 3:33 AM

    Comment #3

    “In fact one block by Cacapa in the first half was shown in slow motion on the TV and Claudio through himself in front of the shot just outside the area, and the ball hit him flush in the face.”

    And yet the rubbish presenters on Setanta claimed that he had stopped it with his hands, then clutched his groin to deceive the referee. They were as blind as the referee.

  • Steely

    Oct 23, 2007 at 9:51 AM

    Comment #4

    Havent had a chance to look through the comments from the main game review, but I thought we did really well last night, albeit against a Tottenham side which looked totally unimaginative and stuck for things to do.

    It was the first Newcastle match in AGES I have seen where the midfield were winning the second balls when they were punted up from the keeper, although I can now see why BSA like a big man little man pairing.

    I thought Owen and Martins played OK together and they offer their own skills to the game. I certainly think that Martins had the better game, but I think it will take a few games for them to gel together (I doubt they’ll be given the chance to when Viduka gets fit again though).

    Nice little game for Emre as well – thank God that injury wasnt bad and that he could carry on! Barton didnt really have enough time to show us what he’s all about, but it was an OK cameo.

    I thought Butt had a great game, although the MOTM given by the club was probably too much, and I agree with the Setanta award which went to Cacapa – he had a superb match! I reckon he looks as good – certainly as confident in challenges – as any other CB in the Premiership at the moment. The pairing with Faye certainly seems to be coming to fruition, and with the solid performances from the RB and LB of Enrique and Beye (“it’s pronounced Bay, as in Whitley Bay” – quotes from the man himself, lol) I think our defence is really proving itself! 11 out of 10 on that front for Sam, who has managed to do what a whole string of managers couldnt in recent years!

    Overall, a good game to watch and a very well deserved 3 points! I can only feel for the Spurs fans as they must be wondering what the hell has happened! As for Berbatov….it smacks of some of the Newcastle players of old (Bellamy, Dyer, Robert) – not what any club needs and despite how good he might be I would have packed his bags for him and be getting to boot him out in the winter Tx window.


  • leo

    Oct 23, 2007 at 10:58 AM

    Comment #5

    dragoner, give ed a chance, there was lots of positives to report on, given ed lives in USA then he does a great job to get done what he does

    from the friendly matches i saw jose play, i was impressed with him, i thort from a start that he was going to be a hit


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