Sam Allardcye – Great Communicator and Pragmatist

Sam Allardyce is an excellent communicator, it’s easy to see that in the way he talks about games and his players every week.

One thing Sam points out today, in a very interesting interview with the Newcastle Journal today, is that you have to be truthful about things.

The way things are these days people tend to be far too nice to each other, but that just masks the truth, which for good team spirit in any side, just has to come out.


Sam Allardyce – great communicator that helps to build team spirit in his sides

Sam talked to the Newcastle Journal today

“I love it when players turn around and say what they think,” “Far too often these days, players are too nice with each other and really don’t talk to each other in the right manner, at the right times. They’re too forgiving sometimes.”

Sam Allardyce’s is nothing if not a pragmatist, and he certainly says what he thinks. But it’s important the players say what they are thinking and that’s one reason Sam wants to hear the truth from his players, as he went on:

“If you haven’t got people prepared to raise their voices or to have a go in the right way then you ain’t got a football club, you ain’t got a team,”

“If they can’t dig each other out then you haven’t got any spirit, or desire to win. You can’t just say, ‘Oh carry on making that sort of mistake’. Then you’ve lost your resilience, your team spirit.”

“You’ve got to build that by taking it on the chin and by dishing it out amongst each other, taking it, giving it back, accepting it, getting on with it and driving each other on because of it.”

Well it was a good time after the Reading game for forging good team spirit, because the team just didn’t perform at all. We’re sure there’s been one or two heart to heart meetings this week with the team. Sam also sees former Manchester United midfielder Nicky Butt, as a link to the old ways.

“He’s old school and I love that,” “If it’s wrong, it’s wrong and if it’s right, it’s right. And then you get on with it. From my point of view, that’s really good.”

“I think there’s fewer of them about these days and that’s probably because of the language barriers and the infiltration of foreign players over the last few years. It’s taken a lot of that away, because the communication can’t always be understood in English too much. Then again, body language is 68% of communication anyway.”

Sam was appointed at the right time at Newcastle (for a change), and came in mid-May so had time to bring in new players and work with the squad before the start of the season. Sam draws a clear distinction between his time in charge and whatever went on before.

“I started in a new campaign, so you start building it from day one,”

“I don’t know what it was like before, but we changed a lot of players and staff and we’re building it (team spirit). The time you find about team spirit is not when you’re winning every week because it’s easy then, it’s when you’re not doing the right things and getting them right quickly.”

“That’s when team spirit comes into play, when it’s important. Everybody loves each other when you’re winning, the spirit comes when things aren’t going so well, or someone needs encouraging or taking out or telling off.”

One thing we’ve been pleasantly surprised about with Sam is the way he talks good common sense, and always seems to have his feet firmly on the ground. His interviews are always full of his own views on things, and from what we’ve seen they make an awful lot of sense. We do expect the team spirit to get better at Newcastle, but it’s already very good, even though the season is still young.

Upward and onward on both team spirit and results,  starting today at 3pm, is what we’d like to see.

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