South Korean Cho Jae Jin To Sign For Newcastle

The news circulating all over South Korea yesterday was that their South Korean international Cho Jae-Jin, a 26 year-old 6’1” striker, is hoping to complete a transfer to Newcastle United, after traveling to Newcastle in an attempt join the Tyneside club.


Cho Jae Jin – 6’1″ striker who can score goals

South Korea is likely to send its fifth player to the English Premier League, as striker Cho Jae-jin flew to Newcastle United yesterday in an attempt to sign for the North East Giants. Cho, who has just finished his contract with the Japanese side, Shimizu S-Pulse, has talked with at least 4 Premiership clubs, including Fulham, where another Korean international, Seol Ki-hyeon, plays.

But Cho has made it very clear that he wants to sign and play for Newcastle United. Cho Jae-jin is a Korean name and the family name is Cho.

London club Fulham had been favorites to sign the striker about two weeks ago, but that deal fell through when Fulham manager Sanchez was sacked. West Ham have also shown interest in the player.

Cho’s agent said today:

“Negotiation with a club which proposed a better deal failed, so he flew to England to complete the deal”

This will put question marks around Shola Ameobi’s future at his home-town club and we expect Ameobi will now leave in the January transfer window, which opens in 4 days time. We expect him to either join Bolton Wanderers or Norwich City, and would expect the fee to be around £2M.

Manager Sam Allardyce’s attack already has four high-profile strikers ― Michael Owen, Mark Viduka of Australia, Nigerian Obafemi Martins and former Manchester United player Alan Smith.

Here is Cho’s playing record:

Years 	 Club 	    			App  Goals

2000-01  Suwon Bluewings                 8     0
2002-03  Gwangju Sangmu Phoenix (army)  31     3
2003-04  Suwon Bluewings                 8     1
2004- 	 Shimizu S-Pulse                79    34
2003- 	 Korea Republic National Team   29     8

The Shimizu S-Pulse star would not name the potential suitor but admitted discussions are heading in the right direction.

Cho said:

“The Premier League is my No.1 target,” “I am not able to reveal the name of the club but we are meeting with a Premier League club.”

“If I fail then there is a good chance that I will go the Netherlands.”

Cho is frequently seen outside the football field and boasts many female fans. In 2004, he was chosen as the face of clothing brand ASK, and has posed for Adidas and the Korean edition of Cosmopolitan in the past. When the Red Devil sold jerseys of footballers to commemorate South Korea’s performance in 2004, over a third of the buyers of Cho’s shirt were female.

This would be a high profile Asia signing for the Magpies, although we haven’t seen the Korean play much.

What do you think?

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  • adam

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:26 AM

    Comment #1

    i can almost bet anything that sam wouldve signed this guy if he was at bolton.


    doesnt matter, sam is gone soon

  • Rob Kirton

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:27 AM

    Comment #2

    Expect to see more “shirt hanger” signings like this in the future, irrespective of who is the manager. It seems to be the name of the game at the moment. You never know one or two of them may just be able to hack it in our game, though none of his compatriots seem to be pulling up any trees at the moment.

  • Indian toon

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:31 AM

    Comment #3

    korean strikers are quite creative and can be a handful with their pace. btw singing this korean star will sell a lotta nufc jerseys in korea. can be good marketing tactics by ashley too…

  • big pea ov the weab

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:31 AM

    Comment #4

    hes come for free giv the lad a chance

  • Edd Case

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:33 AM

    Comment #5

    joke, surely…….

  • mark

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:34 AM

    Comment #6

    Well its true it will put us on the map in Asia, which can only be good. At least Shola is going hooray!

    Does anyone know whether Ben Tozer is signed or what?

  • Ausgeordie

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:39 AM

    Comment #7

    football is a business like any other and if this generates extra income that can be usded elsewhere and he is a useful additon to the squad then why not.

  • Rob

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:39 AM

    Comment #8

    To be fair the other Korean players bar Boro`s have held their own in the EPL. Seol did very well at Reading last season and scored some cracking goals, Park has held his own whenever he`s been called upon in Man U`s midfield ,and Lee is 1st choice left back under Juane Ramos`s Spurs

    Before Newcastle fans start slating him (as I`m sure they will) …….give the lad a chance FFS

  • JoshI

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:40 AM

    Comment #9

    Yer and business apart, he could even be good 😮

  • Bob

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:41 AM

    Comment #10

    Why the negativity? We haven’t even seen this guy play yet, so give him a chance!

  • steve

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:43 AM

    Comment #11

    Good for shirt sales and prob more of a signing from Ashley / Mort than Sam.
    Could be a problem if they insist on him playing to generate shirt sales, sam will prob stick him in front of back four

  • Marko

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:44 AM

    Comment #12

    “We also think this will be a savvy signing by Newcastle because it will put the club on the map in South Asia.”

    Surely Korea is in East Asia?

  • Moy

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:46 AM

    Comment #13

    I’m asian and a life-long Newcastle supporter. It’s great to see Newcastle signing him. That lad is pretty decent , and don’t worry , he’s better than Lee Dong Gook & Shola. So a good deal for free I would say.

    Would create some interest in the region as well

  • Pi55 Off Sam

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:53 AM

    Comment #14

    What a joke we are!

  • Gooderz

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:55 AM

    Comment #15

    Korean strikers are generally good technically and hard working, and this striker is particularly reknowned for powerful headers and right foot shots, so give Cho a chance.

    I hope Ameobi is then allowed to leave. I don’t think he’s a poor player, but with his hip injury he wasn’t able to take his chance after Shearer retired and now he lacks confidence, and as a result he is out of the team as he can offer little albeit in a team setting up few chances. A new team and a fresh start could be just what the lad needs.

  • rob the geordie

    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:58 AM

    Comment #16

    barton has been refused bail he is now banged up till jan 3rd lol it gets worse and worse

  • scott 9

    Dec 28, 2007 at 12:02 PM

    Comment #17

    who the f*cks he anyway i hope park ji sung would like to come join him hed be a exellent signing he can play anywere in midfiled and coulod play in a front three hes very creative just what we need

  • Nev

    Dec 28, 2007 at 12:02 PM

    Comment #18

    big fan of asian players in the prem and i hope he does well … if we actually sign him
    on wikipedia it says he signed on 24th december with 18month contract
    but we all know how much a reliable source wiki actually is
    as for shola ive always had a soft spot but it looks like his time is up …. he looked really promising under roeder until that injury and i wish him all the best

  • ToonKing

    Dec 28, 2007 at 12:12 PM

    Comment #19

    i see this as a good marketing move, like Dong Fangzuo at Manure.

    This will sell a lot of shirts in Korea and Asia and bring a healthy revenue……and who knows, he might even be able to play a little.

  • Dragoner

    Dec 28, 2007 at 12:28 PM

    Comment #20


  • AV coach

    Dec 28, 2007 at 12:41 PM

    Comment #21

    Hey!! I’m Japanese!!!! adult video Good!!!

  • Kim.L.S

    Dec 28, 2007 at 12:55 PM

    Comment #22

    as the korean, and as the toon army, I think it’s not good choice. Well, is SOMEONE in the Riverside’s form is good enough to survive in premiership?


    Dec 28, 2007 at 12:56 PM

    Comment #23

    Japan is son of a bitch
    korea is very good will be good player.
    You will Know jo’s ability
    but Japan like sex and adult video

  • shearyadi

    Dec 28, 2007 at 1:21 PM

    Comment #24

    Well, as an Asian Toon supporter I hope this is not just another rumour and would love to see him in action.

  • Ross

    Dec 28, 2007 at 1:25 PM

    Comment #25

    come on lads lets give him a chance.
    none of us have seen him kick a ball yet.

  • Hadrian

    Dec 28, 2007 at 1:31 PM

    Comment #26

    we have readers in south korea ?:)
    get that map sorted ed , warms me cockles the worldwide support we have , or the old ex pat’s still checking up on us .

  • Hadrian

    Dec 28, 2007 at 1:32 PM

    Comment #27

    ohh, his youtube clips look great(again they always do) .
    he’s got a great shoit with both feet , makes inteligent runs , and has got one of the best headers ive seen .

  • dd

    Dec 28, 2007 at 1:40 PM

    Comment #28

    korea is not Japan.
    Cho is not ‘Inamoto’ japanese shirts seller.

  • japanes

    Dec 28, 2007 at 1:41 PM

    Comment #29

    cho-jj who is so perfect face and tough player

    he popularity in korea and japan

    i expect , primial leaguer jjj

  • soccerline

    Dec 28, 2007 at 1:46 PM

    Comment #30

    cheer up levis jo

    you will success in england

  • Kim.L.S

    Dec 28, 2007 at 1:54 PM

    Comment #31

    ah, and there is some mistake. in the picture of south korea international, number 17 is not Cho – he is Lee Ho who playing in Zenit.

  • Ashton

    Dec 28, 2007 at 1:59 PM

    Comment #32

    He is very good player and i would love to see him in black and white shirt .

  • Tom_Toon

    Dec 28, 2007 at 2:03 PM

    Comment #33

    something to looks forward to, sources said he had a medical yesterday so hopefully hes been training with the boys today, ready to sign on the dotted line some time this afternoon.

  • ehhh

    Dec 28, 2007 at 2:24 PM

    Comment #34

    ehh.. those pics are not of Cho JaeJin. Here’s a correct photo.. google images are not always correct!,2.jpg

  • Ashton

    Dec 28, 2007 at 2:24 PM

    Comment #35

    Nashat is on trail to man city
    i think we should give him a trail too

    he is exactly what we need a strong creative midfielder whom can pass the bloody ball !

  • Leo

    Dec 28, 2007 at 2:55 PM

    Comment #36

    adam i totally agree with you, he is buying players that would be good for bolton, not newcastle.

  • NUFC-K

    Dec 28, 2007 at 3:10 PM

    Comment #37
  • Ed Harrison

    Dec 28, 2007 at 3:13 PM

    Comment #38

    I put in anew picture of Cho – that’s definitely him – took out the Koren team photo.


    Dec 28, 2007 at 3:15 PM

    Comment #39


  • van persie

    Dec 28, 2007 at 3:22 PM

    Comment #40

    hi , i’m van persie
    i like sex


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