Keegan, Shearer Must Talk Privately – Not Through Press

Kevin Keegan seems like he will accept Alan Shearer at Newcastle as his assistant manager, but Kevin has to make sure Alan will accept the job under Kevin’s conditions – because he’s the boss.


Kevin Keegan – being introduced to the crowd yesterday

Alan must be available to be at Newcastle’s games if he is to be the number 2 at the club, so how that fits with his BBC responsibilities has to be sorted out. It may not be able to work if he’s still at the BBC.

Let’s see what Kevin said to the Mail on Sunday today and try to sort out what’s going on between Kevin and Alan:

“If Alan doesn’t see himself as a No 2, then he’s not going to come here, is he?”

“Am I going to get him in as joint manager? I will speak to Alan once I have got the Bolton game out of the way. I won’t go chasing him around.”

“He’s said his thing in the papers and the only time we’ll really know whether it’s on or not is when the two of us speak.”

“If he says to me ‘I don’t want to be No 2’ and that is his line then there really isn’t any point in having a long conversation.”

There’s no way we can have joint managers, it just doesn’t work. You always need one person in charge – one neck on the line if you like who you can congratulate in times of success and hold responsible in terms of failure.

We also think it’s completely non-productive to talk about these things to the press – Kevin should get with Alan and stop talking about various scenarios to the press. The same is true for Alan. After all we know the press will only try to cause some mischief over this.

Shearer travels to Africa tomorrow on business, and hopefully the two of them can talk or meet today, to sort something out before Alan leaves.

Keegan continued:

“I think there is an involvement for Alan at this football club, and involvement at this moment could be on his terms.”“I know he has other obligations and commitments.”

“I know that because when I used to work for TV, you make a promise to people and whether it is to a football club or the BBC or whoever it is, it is a promise and a commitment. But it might be that we can chat about it.”

“What a fantastic player to have around the club, to help people with the art of goal-scoring and just talking to the players. But, if you can’t be there on a Saturday because you have to do TV work, then you can’t even think of yourself as a No 2.”

“I will probably say to him, ‘I’m here now. Do you see any role for yourself?” — that would be the sensible way to approach it, but Alan and I need to have that conversation and it’s not for the Press. He might say he’d love to do it, but it’s too early.”

“Sometimes, when you have the conversation through the Press, things get missed out but, when we have the conversation ourselves, nothing will be missing.”

Keegan’s then denied any potential bad feeling between the two of them had anything to do with his non-appearance at Shearer’s testimonial match in 2006:

“I’d like to think there is no animosity there but, if you’re asking me if Alan rings me as much as he used to, then no, he doesn’t,”

“I couldn’t come to Alan’s testimonial because I was on a family holiday in the States. Things like that, sadly, maybe have affected him but it hasn’t affected me.”

“It’s possibly true that it did offend him in some way but for me to fly all the way from America . . . I wouldn’t have expected him to do that for me.”

“I would have thought we’re still great friends. For all his playing career and from the minute I met him and signed him in David Platt’s farmhouse in Cheshire, we had a fantastic relationship and a very honest one. Yes, we are two people who say what they think, but that’s good.”

“That doesn’t mean to say I don’t respect them,” “If you talk about the way it finished, it was disappointing. Sir John Hall couldn’t even be bothered to say goodbye to me, yet we were the two guys who saved the club five years earlier.”

“But I understand all those things. I’ve seen Sir John since and said hello to him. I wouldn’t probably go out for dinner with him and all those people, but you must not cloud that with a sense that I don’t respect them — I do tremendously.”

This is what we would suggest Kevin Keegan does sometime today:

  • Don’t negotiate the partnership in the press
  • Offer Alan Shearer the number 2 position
  • Ensure that something is able to be worked out between the BBC and Shearer to the satisfaction of Kevin. The best solution would be for Alan to give up his position at the BBC, if that is possible. Whatever is worked out has to be 100% acceptable to Keegan and Alan has to be able to attend all Newcastle’s matches.
  • Shearer must accept he may be number 2 for at least 5 years, and that Kevin is fully in charge of the playing side of the club. Kevin will be Alan’s boss at the club.

If something can be worked out like that, it would be a good deal – otherwise it will be too dangerous and could compromise Kevin’s ability to make Newcastle United successful again.

What do you think?

Comments Welcome.

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  • Indian toon

    Jan 20, 2008 at 10:34 AM

    Comment #1

    shearer is a direct threat to any manager at newcastle.. so its better that shearer remains as ambassador and let keegan choose someone as his no2. i think terry mac fits the bill perfectly.

    btw lua lua is sheer class and is a potential playmaker.

  • UTD111

    Jan 20, 2008 at 10:35 AM

    Comment #2

    Totally agree Ed. The relationship has to be on these terms – there can only ever be one boss, one person who makes the big decisions. Sir Alan would bring an extra dimension to the management team – not just his football knowledge, but his media skills and standing in the game. As part of his duties I would like to see him deployed to handle the pressure, flak and media attacks and deflect it away from Kevin.

  • toonoholic

    Jan 20, 2008 at 10:40 AM

    Comment #3

    18 mn bid for carrick ?

    since hes a geordie , ill stay shut and say whatever the price is , get him in
    we need people to play for the club and not for the money

  • Hadrian

    Jan 20, 2008 at 10:44 AM

    Comment #4

    everywhere i go, all you bloody read is , the geordies see shearer as this …. ,the geordies see shearer as that

    WE DONT !!!!

    we only bloody want the guy here if it’s to do his bit for the club , not take over from keegan in 3 year time .
    look at bloody fergie ,he’s not thinking about retiring , why the hell should we be lining up replacements for kev in 3 years time!!!

    3 years will have been and gone before we know it if things go well , id hate to have that muppet in our backroom staff rubbing his hands thinking the changeover period is comming .

    alan’s a star in my eyes , and maybe one day will be a great manager for us .
    only when kevin no longer wants the job tho, and only if he’s put a bit of work into it .

    i respect my hero’s , and shearers as big as them all . but i think we really need to make our voice heard above these papers and let it be known that kevin is the only man for us up untill the day he belives he can no longer do it .
    this shearer thing is just the press wanting bigger stories to print , no doubts so they can use it over the comming years as back pages for kev being sacked and shearer moved forward .

    sod alan , he’s made things far worse with that interview in the papers aswell , what muppet connected to nufc go’s and does that ? we have enough press as it is wihtout shearer going to the SUN !! the ******* SUN for god’s sake !!!

    he tried to force mort’s hand there , that tells me enough about him to say id dont want him here

  • Indian toon

    Jan 20, 2008 at 10:44 AM

    Comment #5

    the same 18 m can be used to get some exciting playmaker’s not a holding midfielder , we hav enough of those..

  • AdamCF

    Jan 20, 2008 at 11:01 AM

    Comment #6

    What player on the continent will you get for 18mil? There would be a few.. and no doubt far.. far better than Carrick.

    There’s always speculation about management at SJP. If Shearer becomes No 2, it will be on KK’s terms, but no doubt Shears will provide his experience to the guys up front.

  • toon4lyf

    Jan 20, 2008 at 11:15 AM

    Comment #7

    we av gud sum gud players we shud sell butt cacapa rozenal carr amrobi barton buy julio arca crouch shun ryt pilips n emerton or miguel
    emerton faye taylor beye
    write pilips emre arca nzogbia
    martins owen/cruoch subs milner,smith,ramage,crouch/owen,lua,lua dat team wud challenge ferr europe

  • toon4lyf

    Jan 20, 2008 at 11:17 AM

    Comment #8

    shearer needs experience n newcastle seems t be d nli place t get it

  • Frankieboy

    Jan 20, 2008 at 11:58 AM

    Comment #9

    Agree with ed & UTD111 if Shearer does accept role as No.2 then it has to be on Keegans terms.
    He is the boss and will learn the ropes at his own club so where better to do this. Am sure Shearer will see this knowing he will one day be in charge and thatit is now and will always be THE perfect scenario.
    Bottom line is they both LOVE this club and it will always be the most important factor in all of these issues

  • AdamCF

    Jan 20, 2008 at 12:01 PM

    Comment #10

    C’mon Toon4Lyf.. manage english before managing a world class team.

  • ObaFan2

    Jan 20, 2008 at 2:57 PM

    Comment #11

    Why so much pressure to bring Shearer in now it’s so unneccesary.

    We have KK.

    Shearers day will come but forget the hype and the press, if it’s right for KK to bring him in then it’s right for us. End of.

    Indian Toon, We and KK like to have some true Geordies in the team and Carrick would be one of the top geordie players atm.

    People who constantly go on (and make lists) about foreign players here again mis the mark because it won’t happen under KK. A few positions yes will have foreign flair like Robert or Tino but he will not bring in alot of players from abroad, it’s not his style @ Toon.

    If he wants Carrick here he’ll do his best to get him, if not then again that’s fine with me.

    Believe in the Messiah and he will deliver.


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