Shearer Will Not Be Newcastle Number 2

Kevin Keegan has revealed he talked at length to Alan Shearer last night. but says the job he finally offered Alan was not as Assistant Manager, his number 2.


Kevin Keegan – Shearer will not be his Assistant Manager

Kevin talked to the Evening Chronicle before he took his squad to London today and said:

“I talked to Alan for four hours last night,”

“There is a role for him at the club but it won’t be as No 2.”

“We will see what happens on Monday. It will not be as number two, I will tell you that.”

“It will not be, and that’s the conclusion we both came to. But it will be, if he decides to come in, a very worthwhile role.”

We assume the job offered to him was as a coach, but have no confirmation of that. Of course Alan has never been in club management and he has to start somewhere.

Whether he wants to gain that experience at Newcastle United or somewhere else is his choice, but he needs to get it somewhere. We understand that’s what he has been told by Newcastle Chairman Chris Mort, so we’ll see if he wants to accept whatever job he’s been offered by Kevin.

It does look however, that Alan and Kevin talked things through fully last night, and there are reports that Alan was unwilling to give up his job as a pundit on Match of The Day at the BBC. That would have ruled out Alan as number 2 at Newcastle, because it would have meant he was part-time at Newcastle, and that just wouldn’t have been good enough. But it does look like there was agreement on another job – we just don’t know what that other job is – but it could be some part time job for Alan. Kevin is saying it’s still an important role for Alan.

Maybe, once he’s finished his MOTD stint at the BBC he could still join Newcastle in a role at the club – which would then be full time.

We will now have to wait to hear from Alan, and that will probably not be before Monday now.

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