Woodgate – Decision Time – Spurs or Newcastle?

Jonathan Woodgate will have to choose between Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur, after Middlesbrough accepted an £8M bid from Newcastle for the player tonight.


Jonathan Woodgate – Tottenham or Newcastle ?

So both Newcastle and Tottenham have now met the price for Jonathan, and both the Magpies and Spurs have spoken with Woodgate today, Friday.

There is also a very slim possibility Jonathan will elect to stay at the Tees-side club, but reports suggest he’s been offered around £65K/week at both Spurs and Newcastle United, and Middlesbrough may find that hard to match.

Kevin Keegan said of Woodgate today:

“He’s one of a number of players we’ve talked about.”

“ I’m not surprised others are interested.”

“He’s a great leader. He’s 28 and I gave him his England debut and know him well.”

So it is a straight choice for Woodgate to make – should he join Spurs or should he return to the team he has already played for – Newcastle United. It’s also a good thing that Jonathan listened to both sides today, rather than just to go with the first club. That’s good thinking on Woodgate’s part, because he had nothing to lose.

Whatever decision Jonathan now makes is OK with us – because we only want players who want to play for Newcastle United – so if he elects to go to London and Tottenham – good luck to him.

But we think he’s going to plump for the Magpies and join the new Keegan revolution.

Comments welcome.

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