Keegan Still Wary of Using Barton

Kevin Keegan had the option of playing Joey Barton in today’s game at the Emirates, but decided against it.


Joey Barton – strict bail conditions

Kevin Keegan talked about Joey Barton yesterday:

“Joey’s desperate to be involved as you would imagine – I’d be disappointed if he wasn’t – but it has to be the right time and the right place,”

“I had the option and I could have played him. But I don’t think it would have been right for him or for the other players.”

Barton was arrested on December 27, and has since been charged with assault and affray. He is being treated at a Hampshire clinic and must be back there by 7 pm every night. So it is difficult for the club to involve Joey, which to their credit they have been doing. As it is, Joey’s being brought into training and back again by a helicopter. That’s quite an expense and hassle for the club, to keep a player on bail fit and healthy.

To us the club are going out of there way to keep Joey involved – but he hardly deserves all the trouble the club is taking. Kevin continued about when he may introduce Joey back to the first team:

“I’d like it to be a home game so we can control the environment around us a little bit more – he understands that,” “In his mind, I think he hoped I’d say ‘Come and play at Arsenal’. ”

“But I think he knew I would not do that to the other players. I wouldn’t do it if he was in the team and it was someone else taking his place.”

Our home game with Middlesbrough kicks off at 1:30 pm next Sunday afternoon, but Keegan seems unwilling to involve him in that game either.  But we have to remember what happened here, and this is all Joey’s doing, and he has to suffer the consequences for his actions. Bad actions have bad consequences – as we’ve told our kids for the last 30 years or so.

Hopefully, Barton will learn from these mistakes he keeps making, otherwise his football career may be over. It’s that serious.

What do you think about this?

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