Butt – Keegan Has Restored Belief at Newcastle

Nicky Butt has given a long, but very good interview to the Newcastle Journal this morning.


Nicky Butt – no panic buys please

Nicky comments on the club’s valiant efforts to boost the squad before the Thursday transfer deadline. On hearing the news that 28-year-old Woodgate is going to Tottenham, after the excitement over the weekend that he may be joining Newcastle, Butt did little to hide his disappointment at the news:

“It’s disappointing a player like Jonathan does not look like he is coming, but I’m sure the manager has plans in place just in case that happened,”

“He will have all the staff working on it and there are meetings all the time about who is being targeted. If Jonathan doesn’t want to come that is up to him.”

“It’s a tight schedule for Kevin to get the deals done because he arrived late. But I’m sure he will be working hard on getting players.”

The former Manchester United star also knows Keegan cannot resort to panic buys, which we’re almost positive will not happen, with young but experienced Chairman Chris Mort in charge of things now at the club. Nicky continued:

“It’s no good getting players in who are no good to get into the team, we need players who can play week in and week out,”

Keegan has now unfortunately failed to win either of his first two games in charge. However, in both games there were lots of positives to take out of them for the future, and Newcastle attacked more than they ever did with Big Sam in charge.

Butt felt the team’s approach was partly to blame for the 3-0 defeat on Saturday at the Emirates.

“We started well and had a couple of chances but then we lost all of our shape and collapsed, basically,” “We were too cavalier and that’s impossible to do when you are at the Emirates.”

“We paid the price in the end. It’s frustrating we have not had the results to start right under the new manager, but we are all still laughing and joking in training.”

“The manager has brought belief back into the team. You have to remember that you can come to Arsenal at any stage and struggle. We did look okay but then after the third goal went in we all went to bits and Arsenal showed what a good team they are.”

“The manager has been very chatty, very bubbly around the place. He speaks to you individually and tells you what he expects of you. It’s disappointing at the moment because of the results we have had but we are all feeling very positive.”

It’s good to hear the team spirit is high at the club, since that will help us get quite a few wins in the run-in to the league.  A nice string of wins at some point, before the end of the season, is what we’d all like to see.

We need that for the fans to get their belief back.

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