Keegan – Still Lots To Play For This Season

The season is over for Newcastle United, in the sense that we cannot win anything this season, but there’s still a lot the players have to play for – their jobs at Newcastle for one.


Kevin Keegan – still lots to play for

Kevin Keegan talked about what there was left to play for today, to the Newcastle Journal:

“There’s a lot to play for,” “We’re in the bottom half of the table. The biggest thing we’ve got to play for is pride and our first-half performance (against Arsenal) shows we’ve got a lot of pride.”

“The African Nations has taken four players out of a small squad so we’re asking a lot of these players (who remain),” “They gave it a good shift. It’s just the confidence went in the second half when the goal went in.”

“I’ve got to say, if it had gone on for another 10 minutes you could have seen them getting another two or three.”

What we’d all really like to see tomorrow night is Newcastle getting a result at the Emirates. We have to start turning this season around as soon as possible and there will be a lot of players coming in during the summer to boost the squad. So the players have an opportunity to show what they can do in the remaining league fixtures.

Keegan admitted coming to the club halfway through a mid-season transfer window was far from perfect.

“It’s not an ideal scenario,” “I said to Terry Mac (McDermott), it would have been nice if this was pre-season, but it’s not and I knew hat. I knew we were going to play Arsenal twice in four days.”

“We’ve got to come back (tomorrow in the league) and do it all again but better next time.”

To us it’s crucial that we finish this season going up the league with some positive momentum. Then next season we can really have a go. That surely is Kevin’s goal for the remaining 15 games left in the league, many of which we can win.

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