Emre One Among Many To Benefit From Keegan

Good words today from someone who we think will have a new career ahead of him at Newcastle United, so we’re happy he’s happy at Newcastle.

We’re talking about our great little midfielder from Turkey, Emre.


Emre – very happy at Newcastle United

Emre told the Evening Chronicle today:

“I would never say anything about leaving Newcastle.” “And I am focused on my future here.”“I love the city and I am very happy in the dressing room.” “Now I have to show everything for the manager and everything for this club.”

“My aim, though, is to play more times than in the last three months.” “My country has the European Championships in June so the next four months are important for me.

“They are the most important four months of my career and we have to try to finish as high as we can in the Premier League for the Newcastle supporters.” “I am happy. Kevin is a very honest man and a good manager.” “We’re all happy in the dressing room.”

“I remember Kevin’s team the first time around and always talk about it with my friends.” “They could have been champions ahead of Manchester United back then.” “But time has moved on from then and we can’t dwell on that too much.” “We can only think of our future now and that’s what I will do. “Kevin is a legend for the supporters and for us after what he achieved as a player and manager.”

“It was bad for me in the first game Kevin was here.” “But I don’t think about that now, it is in the past.” “I am sorry to the fans for getting sent off, but I was happy to be back against Middlesbrough after missing the previous three games.” “The future is more important and I am feeling fresh and ready to go.” “Even when I was banned, I was working hard in training.”

Emre is just one of many of our current crop of players who should benefit greatly under Kevin’s second reign as manager of the club. Keegan plays good, open attacking football, which is how the game should be played. Not dour away games when as soon as we kick a ball we’re on the defensive -= holding out.

No, the game was meant to be played like the great Brazilians play it, and we hope within a couple of years, or sooner, Newcastle United will once again have that tag of playing great entertaining and attacking football. Oh, and we nearly forgot – winning fo0ftball too.

Charles N’Zogbia will also benefit from Kevin, because he has all the natural instincts of players Kevin just loves to have in his sides. Duff and Milner have a big opportunity and Martins and Owen will be under the tutelage of a former wonderful striker, which Kevin Keegan was.

We’re really pleased we still have Emre at the club, because as we’ve mentioned before, he could so easily have been been shipped out, if Big Sam was still here, and maybe replaced with Kevin Nolan from Bolton. But we think Mort and Ashley first had serious doubts about Big Sam when he went through his transfer plans, of who he was going to bring in and who he was going to ship out.

We think those changes at Newcastle that Sam planned may have made us harder to beat, but at the cost of playing safe, defensive and boring football, which Mike Ashley and Chris Mort just didn’t want. And after all Mike does own the club.

It’s great that Kevin is back here, and we really hope he can keep everybody currently in the squad he wants to in the summer – and that includes Charles N’Zogbia.

What do you think?

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