Kevin Keegan So Positive in Times of Adversity

Kevin has taken some hits from the gossip press in getting off to such a slow start in his second spell as manager of Newcastle United.


Kevin Keegan – first win in second coming today?

The press were suggesting that because Kevin had been out of the game for over 3 years, and by his own admission had not seen any live football games, that’s the reason he has not produced the goods so far, and why Newcastle are struggling.

Kevin talked yesterday about this:

“I don’t think it has had an impact, but until we win a game, people can fire anything at you.” “No one did last time I came back, when I had been in Marbella for seven years playing golf.”

“There is no lack of knowledge and I have tremendous knowledge around me as well,” “You should do a survey among managers who go to live games.”

“Ask Arsene Wenger how many live games he watches. It would be interesting. I don’t know but I watched an awful lot of TV.”

“If I’d gone into a club I didn’t know it would have been much more different,” “I would have been trying to find the area.” “It’s still the same people round here, not necessarily players because there is only Steve Harper left. I’m talking about staff.

“There are so many people around us that I felt I was coming into a club I really knew.”

Kevin’s positive attitude must really bug the press, because obviously bad news sells newspapers, and Kevin has refused to be anything but upbeat since he arrived.

And we haven’t won a game yet, so imagine what it will be like next season, when we expect to be way up the Premier league again, and actually winning games.

It’s really up to the players today to reward Kevin Keegan for his consistent loyalty to the players, many of whom simply don’t deserve it. But all will be forgiven if the lads produce a Blackburn type performance, and this time get the 3 points.

For once the Newcastle fans, and owner Mike Ashley, will finally have something to celebrate.

It’s been a long long time, if indeed we do get the win tomorrow.

Comments welcome.

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  • ObaFan2

    Mar 22, 2008 at 2:28 AM

    Comment #1

    Sometimes I think it looks like KK is carrying the world on his shoulders but his enthusiasm and love for the game and NUFC is the reason we love him so much.

    I have already seen improvements in the team and I am confident he will be able to turn our club around and with MA’s backing help put us back to where we belong in the next few years.

  • domtoon

    Mar 22, 2008 at 2:31 AM

    Comment #2

    i’ve taken alot of stick from my cockerney office recently, most of them supporting spurs, arsenal and man u (when asked why man u, they seem unable to produce an answer…!), so a streak of wins would make me immensely happy, considering my silence this season. if we beat spurs on 30th march, i will be smiling till the end of the season 🙂
    i just hope keegan starts with the same team he did against brum, and keeps oba on, replacing another player on the left with zog instead of martins. keegan is however the general, so whatever he says goes…

  • The Gallowgate Channel

    Mar 22, 2008 at 8:28 AM

    Comment #3

    its a lovely thought that Sir Kevin’s positive attitude is frustrating the London and Manchester gutter press – who have thrown everything at him except the kitchen sink in the last few months. Lets pray he can ram it down their throats with a win against Fulham today :o)

  • Eric

    Mar 22, 2008 at 9:59 AM

    Comment #4

    I have adopted the cynical view of reading the gutter press comments about KK and NUFC and taking the opposite view. They publish so much shit that they render their papers as useless for toilet paper. KK will get it right. Signs were there in the 2nd half against Brum. Why no Taylor in the under 21’s? Getting to that age where he is being considered for the full squad? Quite a few under 21’s never make the full England team.

  • Leo

    Mar 22, 2008 at 11:33 AM

    Comment #5

    not long yet till the match, gona go get showered now, but i dont know what toon shirt to wear, damn it.

    one kevin keegan theres only one kevin keegan

    ehem there my throat is cleared


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