Ferdinand – Wise Knows Game Inside Out

Sir Les Ferdinand scored 50 goals in two years on Tyneside and he loves the club.


Les Ferdinand– loves Newcastle United and knows Dennis Wise well

Les has known Dennis Wise since childhood and he talked about Wise and his new role at Newcastle United.

Ferdinand told the Chronicle:

“Make no mistakes – Wisey knows the game inside out.” “I understand after speaking to him that he wanted to leave Leeds for one reason only – and that was because he had become disillusioned with the manager’s job at Elland Road.”

“He didn’t feel he was getting recognition for what he’d done there.” “And it was a massive job in which he had done very well.” “Now, though, he is up for a different challenge with Newcastle.”

Ferdinand says he is aware of some of the Newcastle fans’ concern over Wise’s appointment and whether it would interfere with Kevin’s control:

Yes, I see why people are thinking like that.” “When you think of director of football positions or suchlike they are usually elder statesman. But Wisey doesn’t fit into that category.”

“From Kevin’s point of view, it will improve his job. You cannot be everywhere in football and it’s an extra pair of eyes.” “And when you look at Wisey’s contacts in the game, they are magnificent.”

“At Chelsea alone he played with Vialli, Di Matteo, Petrescu, Leboeuf and Zola – who are well positioned in the world of football.” “I think it’s all part of the education of the game for Dennis but one he will be relishing trying to make a success of.”

While it may be a new management structure within football, the appointment of Dennis as well as Jeff Vetere and Tony Jimenez seems to make a lot of sense.

In a business structure, you have to be very careful to clearly define job scope and responsibilities, and we think that is easy to do for this structure. And Wise has already said it’s Kevin who will always have the final say on who comes into the club, and who leaves.

Sounds a great structure to us, which will set Newcastle up for sustained success, and just watch in the summer the number of good players arriving at the club.

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  • adam

    Mar 23, 2008 at 9:38 AM

    Comment #1

    i agree with sir les. we need international exposure to get in the best unknown talent

  • The Gallowgate Channel

    Mar 23, 2008 at 9:51 AM

    Comment #2

    Oooh my heed!!! Can’t be much beer left in Newcastle pubs this mornin I think I drank it aaal!! What was the question???

  • Leo

    Mar 23, 2008 at 9:58 AM

    Comment #3

    “From Kevin’s point of view, it will improve his job. You cannot be everywhere in football and it’s an extra pair of eyes.”

    love that. has he looked at wise’s eyes, he surely cant see much through them, except to see a read out on anger levels. wise is a legend im only joking and im sure his role will bring some good players to the club

  • Cyprus Mag

    Mar 23, 2008 at 11:31 AM

    Comment #4

    It won’t be easy to bring in good players for a number of reasons:
    – we are not the attraction we once were both from the point of view of our status-a club who has fought against relegation this season;
    – and financially, there are now a number of clubs who can offer as much as us in wages and fees;
    – add to this the unknown, how willing is MA to invest further huge sums?
    I believe we may disappointed with our transfer activities this season and this will lead to discontent. Reading some of the wish lists on this site, some of our fans obviously don’t live in the real world and won’t be able to understand our inability to sign legions of superstars. How long before the idiots are calling for heads to roll?

  • clinta

    Mar 23, 2008 at 11:39 AM

    Comment #5

    cuyprus mag agree with your comments as i have posted similar on this site before, i too think MA will be understandable reluctant to open his cheque book (again!) to bring in a new squad after all his a business man, who’s had a hell of a bad year financially if you looked at his books, and yes we won’t attract the players we used to but maybe that’s a god thing, we’ve had our fair share of huge signing, wee had they got us??? really?? shearer of course the exception.

  • Andreas

    Mar 23, 2008 at 12:01 PM

    Comment #6

    Clinta, MA got payed in cash for 43 % of Sport Direct when it was floated, i.e. around £900M hard cash. Even though the SD stock fallen sharply (which on paper means MA assets are worth less) he is well positioned and have the muscles to back KK without a doubt. However, it’s another matter how much he’ll release, but I am sure KK will have sufficient funds (if we stay up).

  • Cyprus Mag

    Mar 23, 2008 at 12:20 PM

    Comment #7

    Andreas, no doubt MA has money, but will he waste it? A number of clubs will be looking to buy big this summer and this will inflate prices. Will MA be prepared to pay over the odds? He might for top class players but can we attract them? He certainly isn’t likely to pay premium fees for mediocre players. He’s done that once under FSA’s guidance, he won’t make that mistake again.

  • chuck

    Mar 23, 2008 at 8:57 PM

    Comment #8

    Just read about the recent market loss by the boss, a hell of a lot less than Spurs owner Lewis,
    but not inconsiderable. Wonder how that will effect the summer market?
    Having up until this time had a very poor season,
    its apparent the club needs re inforcements badly, my worry is two or three mediocre players will be added like last summer, resulting in another season of discontent and dissatisfaction.
    I`ts time to be brave and go for a Keegan revolution, build a scenario that will attract top talent , a winning side, a team that entertains, a team thats not from the bargain basement. Or go through more of the same, resulting in talent wanting to leave, diminishing crowds , more difficulty in attracting players to the club and a lower half finish.
    The choices are there to be made!


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