Jose Reyes To Newcastle – Maybe Not

Former Arsenal winger and current Athletico Madrid’s player Jose Antonio Reyes wants a return to the Premiership.


Jose Reyes – former Arsenal star wants Premier League return

Reyes is set to leave Athletico Madrid at the end of the season, but mainly because he has not been playing well and has not made any impact since his arrival from Real Madrid last summer.

The Sunday People is reporting that Reyes is looking at a return to England in a bid to revive his career, with Newcastle United being stated as one of the clubs monitoring developments.

But we will always be mentioned as one when a decent player comes up for transfer.
Jose was a good player when he was at Arsenal but we’re not sure about his character and temperament.

And it may be too cold in Newcastle for him, even with two sets of gloves on, so we’re not at all sure about Jose to Newcastle being a good move for us.

Here is the 24 year-old winger’s playing history:

Years 	   Club        App   Goals

1999–2004  Sevilla      95    25
2004–2007  Arsenal      69    16
2006–2007  Real Madrid  30     6
2007– 	   Athlético    20     0
2003– 	   Spain 	21     4

It’s easy to see from those numbers how disappointing Jose’s been at Athletico, where he’s yet to score a single goal.

But of course if Kevin Keegan thinks he can get the best out of Jose then so be it. It’s really up to Kevin if he thinks Reyes can do a job at Newcastle United.

What do you think – would Reyes be a good buy for us in the summer?

Comments very welcome.

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  • dveselis

    Mar 24, 2008 at 1:38 PM

    Comment #1

    I saw him playing for Real Madrid ,he was great , he s crosses, free kicks was decent, he scored important goals and actually was one of the main reasons why Real Madrid won league title, but since that i haven`t heard anything about him.

  • Tom_Toon

    Mar 24, 2008 at 1:46 PM

    Comment #2

    isnt it Whinger not Winger.


    Mar 24, 2008 at 1:47 PM

    Comment #3

    he seems to score a lot of goals for a winger when he is on form like he did at arsenal. keegan should get him motivated if he did sign reyes like has done with michael owen

  • Vitorbarbosa

    Mar 24, 2008 at 1:48 PM

    Comment #4

    Don’t really think he is good enough to improve our current squad. No doubt, at first he really seems like a gem in the making but he does not has the personality to be successful.

    This is my world dream team, if we can dream that one of them playing for us, I will be ecstatic.

    GK: Buffon
    LB: Cole
    ML:Robinho, Mancini
    MC:Fabregas, Gerrard
    MR:Ronaldo, Messi
    AM: Kaka
    SS: Rooney, Tevez

    Did I left out any star players?

  • Tom_Toon

    Mar 24, 2008 at 2:00 PM

    Comment #5

    Ibrahimovic, Xavi, Diego

    Wayne ‘shout at the ref and act like a baby’ Rooney is pants.

  • ObaFan2

    Mar 24, 2008 at 2:23 PM

    Comment #6

    No thanks 🙂

  • Hadji

    Mar 24, 2008 at 2:26 PM

    Comment #7

    Off course he has an attitude,i mean wouldn’t you have if you play every 5th game or something.I personally would love to have him in our team.
    You’re comparing Newcastle’squad with Real Madrid,Arsenal,Atletiko Madrid(at the moment) about Reyes.
    With the current squad we have Reyes would be the God comparing to all of them.
    Just play him regulary like in Sevilla and you’ll see.

  • Leo

    Mar 24, 2008 at 2:47 PM

    Comment #8

    hmm not too sure about reyes like, its probably all tattle telling by the journos

  • Luke

    Mar 24, 2008 at 3:23 PM

    Comment #9

    I can’t remember for the life of me if he has pace or not? Now that is something we need. On the rare occasion our current team breaks forward, they seem to stop and wait for the opposition’s midfielders to catch up with them before making any real attack.

  • Lasse

    Mar 24, 2008 at 3:38 PM

    Comment #10

    Have seen a couple of Villarreals games this year, and he hasnt impressed me one bit. Not the player he used to be imo.

  • DC Magpie

    Mar 24, 2008 at 3:39 PM

    Comment #11

    would rather keep and PLAY Charlie Z

  • Hadji

    Mar 24, 2008 at 3:47 PM

    Comment #12

    Who brought Real Madrid’s title last year when they were 1-1 with Mallorca in the last game.
    J O S E A N T O N I O R E Y E S
    But if KK’s looking for his new Ginolla he could be the one.

  • scott9

    Mar 24, 2008 at 3:48 PM

    Comment #13

    if nzogbia leaves i think he would be a good replacement if keegan can get the best out of him he also gets quit alot of assists and is a good passer of the ball however i dont think this story is true

  • Hadji

    Mar 24, 2008 at 3:49 PM

    Comment #14

    Lasse he plays for Atletiko Madrid,maybe you mixed him with Senna LOL

  • James

    Mar 24, 2008 at 5:43 PM

    Comment #15

    The best left winger in Spain and Europe right now is Diego Capel. He is the answer to our prayers.

  • richie

    Mar 24, 2008 at 7:16 PM

    Comment #16

    id sign him if we could get a good price

  • Michael

    Mar 24, 2008 at 8:10 PM

    Comment #17

    True, let Nzogbia go and bring Reyes. He will not be a goal getter but will provide much needed controlled pace in our side. By controlled pace I mean pace with a purpose. Nzogbia, while he has plenty of pace does not use it productively like wise Oba, makes bad runs into bad areas, pace is useless if you cannot make use of it in the right areas.

  • Lasse

    Mar 24, 2008 at 8:31 PM

    Comment #18

    Aye hadji, got confused cos they got the same hair- do 😉

  • Whumpie

    Mar 24, 2008 at 9:11 PM

    Comment #19

    He’s a whining, cheating git. Leave him in Spain.

  • marcus owen

    Mar 24, 2008 at 11:29 PM

    Comment #20

    Reyes should come if N’Zogbia want to leave as he wished.Sell N’Zogbia at 10mil and get Reyes at 2mil.8mil profit for a good freekick specialist like Laurent Robert.

  • richie

    Mar 24, 2008 at 11:31 PM

    Comment #21

    reyes@2mill??r u sure hed b that cheap??

  • Tom_Toon

    Mar 24, 2008 at 11:44 PM

    Comment #22

    Its rumoured they are willing to sell him for 3 mil.

  • Ashton

    Mar 25, 2008 at 12:17 AM

    Comment #23

    He is a decent player and he is still like 23 , 24 he will be a good sign imo

  • Thomas

    Mar 25, 2008 at 12:46 AM

    Comment #24

    singing reyes would be a huge mistake in my opinion, lets not forget he was essentially a flop at arsenal and real madrid, and now atletico madrid, so if he can’t regain his form in his homeland, what would he do for nufc? it would be like singing laurent robert without the spectacular goals.

    remember that prank phone-in from a spanish radio station while he was at arsenal, he was fooled to believe it was the real madrid president or something like that, and reyes said he’d love to play at real, no loyalty to arsenal, he wouldn’t be any different for us id imagine, just another luque

  • Anon

    Mar 25, 2008 at 9:39 AM

    Comment #25

    Reyes is cak!!
    look at his Goals per game ratio, his assist ration isnt much better…………..
    He is a nother Keyring Dyer. Plemty of pace, no end product.

    I have said may times before, Fergie and Wenger do not sell good players, they go out find them, improve them and then keep them!!!

    NUFC are doing the right thing following the lead of the 2 great men of the EPL!!!!!!


    Mar 25, 2008 at 3:18 PM

    Comment #26

    That is wrong fergie has sold plenty of quality players mostly because of petty feuds Stam, Van Nistelrooy, Beckham, Hughes, Ince, Sharpe etc. and how long until he replaced Schmeichel 6 or 7 years ?

    Wenger let plenty slip through his net likewise Bentley, Sidwell, Upson for example and he never wanted Reyes to leave but he let him go because he wanted to be with his family.

  • Anon

    Mar 25, 2008 at 3:38 PM

    Comment #27

    CRAIGG, mmm, Good point, but i will give you Stam and Bentley, the rest went because of age and quality, ie better players coming through.

    Look at each individual and say how successful they have been in the premierleague since the 2 managers sold them?

    Upson, good player, but is he pulling up roots in the EPL?? Sidwell, Chelsea reserve, Reyes…huge success in spain, (maybe not)where players get hours more time on the ball a la Beckham, Van nistelrooy. ince??? Done alright at Liverpool, but as good as he was at Manure?? Sharpe…I think you put that one in as a joke didnt you???

    And Hughesy….Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke, Scholes, Solksjaer all early to mid twenties coming through, hughesy about 32….say no more!!

    Personally, I would only sign any of the latter mentioned in their prime ie 25-29, any older and they are on the downward curve of their carreer ask Wenger and Fergie!!

    IMO it is best to sign YOUNG QUALITY Players and not the Big Fours Cast Offs, they are in the Big Four because they keep their teams young and fresh………surely we can do that as well being in the top 10 richest clubs in the world??????????????


    Mar 25, 2008 at 3:55 PM

    Comment #28

    Anon yes your right on some of those points but i would put Upson in their side over Senderos and Sidwell would be first teamer most other prem clubs.

    Reyes was terrific at Sevilla he just hasnt hit the heights since

    Hughes and Ince were sold by man utd and replaced by Cruyff and Poborsky. Yorke signed a few years later and i suppose Sharpe was a silly suggestion but he was a good first team player a Manure until he fell out with fergie

    Yes i would love to go and buy loads of young lads but the best available players to us are the ones from the big 4, Who are bought just to bulk up their squads.

    IE Wright Phillips, Bridge, Sidwell are better than what we have and arent needed at chelsea they are there as back up, are the sort of players we need to compete with them.

  • Football Betting King

    Mar 25, 2008 at 6:25 PM

    Comment #29

    Was reading a Liverpool forum that i post on and they were debating whether he would be ideal for their new formation of 4231, where Kuyt is playing now. (he’s obviously better than Kuyt hehehe).

    I think that signing him would be a huge risk. His temperament and attitude are highly questionable, and we don’t exactly have a great record of turning these sort of players around. I think what Reyes needs is a club with some stability and a manager who really believes in him (actually Liverpool may be a good option for him) not the shambles that is NUFC at the moment.

    Not saying that he wouldn’t succeed; rather that it is a big gamble.

    Could we get him on loan?


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