Keegan – Butt Showing Great Leadership

Kevin Keegan has relied on a number of Newcastle’s senior players for leadership since he arrived, and one of those is Nicky Butt.


Nicky Butt – been a leader for Kevin

Kevin talked today about Nicky Butt:

“He has been vitally important, and the one player who stitches it all together. He just gets on with it.” “Michael (Owen) captains the side, but I see him as another captain out there.”

“He has got great experience. Nothing fazes him and he is not scared to say what he thinks if something is not quite right.” “I often go to him or Michael, the experienced players and say, ‘Is the training a bit hard today’? or, ‘Do you want to do more’?

“They can be a good barometer of the club from a players’ point of view, and it is a good barometer. It will not be their opinion, it will be what they think is right.” “They are very important people to have around your club. They are called leaders, and you cannot get enough of them.”

Nicky has had a couple of very strong games for the club and has formed a very good midfiled with Joey Barton and Geremi, and his experience on the pitch is showing through. Nicky has had a tough time at the club since he arrived in 2004, under Bobby Robson, but to his credit he has stuck in and has come through big time for the club in the last couple of seasons.

Kevin continued with Nicky’s goalscoring abilities:

“I haven’t seen him score in training yet – I am only kidding.” “He is not in for his goalscoring, but he is one of those guys who does sometimes get into shooting positions.”

“But he is more the link, he is the one who links the defense and the attack.”

Things are starting to look up with our last couple of results but they can go hurtling back if we have a bad result at Tottenham tomorrow. We just have to try to get something out of that game.

If we can play up to our performances in the last 3 halfs we’ve played, we should be able to get at least a point tomorrow, although it will not be easy, by any means.

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