Nicky Butt Tells It Like It Is

Nicky Butt has given a long interview to the Newcastle Journal this morning and Nicky is very down to earth and truthful in his comments.


Nicky Butt – very truthful comments from Nicky

Nicky told the Journal this morning:

“It has been as tough for me as it has for anybody else here,” “We were starting to feel sorry for ourselves because we were wondering when the first win was going to happen. I don’t think I’ve ever been through a tougher period in my career. All due respect to Birmingham, when I was on loan there they didn’t have the players we have.”“At Newcastle there are some top-quality players and we are scratching our heads trying to work out why we are where we are. Is it a lack of effort or ability? But I think in the last month, we’ve given it our all.”

“The reality was, that when you sat in the dressing room and looked around at the players who were your team-mates, you knew that if we kept working hard it would come eventually.” “It has changed for us in the last couple of games, but we can’t be over-confident, we can’t now think, ‘One win and we’re okay now’,”

It’s true that we’ve made a breakthrough in the last two games with two excellent performances, but we also have to keep that up, and if it’s only a flash in the pan, we’ll still be in big trouble.

Of course we’re all hoping it points to much better form from the lads, and that we can start picking up points, even tomorrow at White Hart Lane.

Nicky continued:

“We’ve got a lot of pride to play for and we have got seven games left to make sure we get out of trouble and start climbing the table.” “This club should not be where it is and we are embarrassed by it, to tell you the truth. We’ve won the first game under the manager and hopefully we will kick on from there. We can’t get carried away though with one win. It could quickly all come crashing down again if we think we’re safe.”

“The reason we are where we are is that we haven’t been good enough, despite the quality players we have got. It’s plain and simple, we haven’t played as well as we should do and that’s why we’ve been in trouble.”

“It’s been difficult changing managers. I’ve been here four years and I’ve had five different managers, which is unbelievable really. When I first came here I said it was a massive club to come to, and it still is for those who hopefully come in the summer. It just has not happened for the club for some reason or another.”

“Whether it is a change of manager or the change of personnel with players coming in and out, we have never had a settled period. I do believe with Kevin now manager, given time, he’ll get it right.”

We must keep with Kevin Keegan now and for the next 3 years, hope we don’t get relegated, and then Mike Ashley must give Kevin some good transfer funds to turn the club around in the summer. This has been a nightmare season for everybody connected with the club, let’s be truthful about that. The last thing we want is another repeat of this anytime soon.

So hopefully if we survive the season,  we’ll see lots of good players drafted in during the summer, and then we can all look forward to a much more exciting season starting in August. 😀

Now that sounds more like it.

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