Owen Clears Up Misconstrued Comments on Capello

Michael Owen yesterday denied claims that he is confused by Fabio Capello’s England tactics.


Michael Owen – confusion over his after-match comments

Michael tried to undo the confusion when he said yesterday:

“I spoke to reporters after the game on Wednesday and was asked, ‘How do you see your role in the team now you’ve not started two successive games?'” “I said, ‘It’s a question you’ll have to ask the England manager.’ That has subsequently been misconstrued in the papers as ‘You’ll have to ask the manager what my role was when I came on to play’.

There’s been headlines like ‘Clueless’, but of course I knew what my role and responsibility was. I’ve never been critical about the management or about England.”

“I have nothing but positive things to say about the new manager. To make it look as if I was criticizing the new manager is totally wrong and very disappointing.”

Give the gossip papers any leeway to misconstrue something and we all know they’ll only be too happy to do just that. That seems to have been what has happened with Michael’s comments after the game.

But Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan also endorsed Owen’s stance.

“What’s happened with Michael is that, after the game, he’s made a statement and someone has twisted it,” “Michael’s in very good form for us and I thought he’d get a start,”

“You’d have to ask Mr. Capello why he didn’t but the media have written it as if Michael’s been struggling. Maybe that’s one of the reasons – I don’t know.”

Keegan if nothing else is very supportive of his players and in that way reminds us of Bill Shankly at Liverpool, who Kevin played under of course. Bill’s players were always great in Shankly’s eyes, and of course they used to go out and prove Bill right every game.    😀

And Kevin doesn’t agree at all with suggestions that Owen has lost pace.

“I think the opposite,” “But everything I’ve said has been the opposite of the criticism Michael gets.”

“What you should remember is that Michael is 28 years old and he is one of the fittest players I’ve ever worked with.”

We’ve been very impressed with Kevin Keegan the second time around, even though our results have been disappointing. Kevin is a born leader and even in these difficult times you can see how he is creating great spirit at the club, and it seems like the players are finally beginning to respond to his management and leadership style.

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