Keegan Hasn’t Done Badly Has He? – Nicky Butt

Nicky Butt has talked to the Newcastle Journal this morning about what Kevin Keegan has been doing at Newcastle United.


Kevin Keegan – ideas getting through to the players now

Nicky Butt talked about Kevin today:

“I think it’s unfair to say the manager is tactically naive, but he isn’t bothered about that,” “He knows the type of football he wants to play and he has been successful with that in the past.”

“He’s made sure we’ve got a solid base in midfield and with the back four, and then we can allow the front players to do what they want. People say he’s not a great tactician, but he hasn’t done badly with this formation has he?”

“He’s been criticized in the past because his football has been attack, attack, attack, but what’s the problem with that if you score more goals than the opposition?”

It has taken quite a while for Keegan to sort out Newcastle’s problems in his second spell in charge of the side, but Butt insists the positive signs have been there for many weeks and the change in formation helped turn them into league points.

“Even when we went a goal down there wasn’t any panic at Spurs. That is what’s changed in the last few games. We know we have the players in the team who can score goals and we know, if we can keep possession, that will happen.”

“We kept our positions and our shape and took our chances when we could go forward.”“We feel the manager is getting his message across. He’s been very calm during the bad run, but he’s very passionate about his football. He said we had quality players here and we’ve started to show that.”

“If we can finish the season well and get a bit or momentum behind us it will help in the summer when we are looking to bring new players in. It gives us a platform and it means we can look forward to next season with more excitement”

“ We’ve got six games left, but I think if you asked most of the players, we want to get this season out of the way because it’s not been anywhere near good enough.”

“It’s been a horrible season, and we’re not trying to hide from that, but if we can finish well it looks good for the future.”

Nicky is right there, it’s been a horrible season alright.

With the hopes so high last August, this season has been one of the biggest let downs for the fans in recent seasons at Newcastle, and that’s saying something.

But’s that’s one reason the last 6 games are so important. We need to go all out to win every single game, and if we can get a strong run together and move up the league, it will stand us in very good stead for next season.

That’s what we need to do, but we also believe that’s exactly what Kevin and his team have in store for us before the end of this season. 😀

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