Keegan – We Were On A Different Planet To Spurs

The morale of the team under Sam Allardyce was said to be rock-bottom which eventually led to his sacking, but we think it was more the way Sam wanted Newcastle to play that led to his dismissal, although our results were not too great either.


Kevin Keegan – a win is all we needed

Keegan talked about the morale of his squad today:

“We’ve got a good spirit around the place, to be fair to the players, and that’s a credit to them.” “They keep getting knocked, but they keep bouncing back, and we knew it was only a matter of time before we got a couple of results and our confidence back.”

“Once you get your confidence back, players who looked a half a yard off the pace, look a yard ahead of it.” “That what’s you saw on Sunday at White Hart Lane.”

“We really were on a different planet to Spurs.”

We’ve got to give Kevin credit, because he’s been saying a win is all the team needed for a while now. We just didn’t believe it. 😀

While it took a long time to come last week against Fulham, in a critical relegation struggle, Kevin was proved right with the next display being the best of the season on Sunday – easily the best of the season. It’s a long time since we saw a Newcastle team so dominant and on top in the second half against Spurs. Make no mistake – Spurs were a demoralized and routed side at the end of that game.

We cannot wait now for the Reading game on Saturday but the lads will need to keep it up, and they will have a chance to put on a great display in front of the home fans, who deserve one or two brilliant displays before the end of a terribly disappointing season.

We think that’s just exactly what Kevin is planning.

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