Kevin Let The Players Do The Talking

Kevin Keegan has talked to Newcastle World TV and said he didn’t have to say much in the half time team talk last Sunday, the players did it all for him.


Kevin Keegan – let the players do the talking at half time

Newcastle had just equalized with a good Nicky Butt goal to make it one all just before the break, and when the players came into to the dressing room, they were telling each other they could win this game.

Keegan said that he was more than happy to let them talk for a few minutes as they realized they could win this game.

Kevin told Newcastle World TV:

“Nicky Butt’s goal did not change my half-time team-talk.” “But to be honest I did not speak for the first few minutes because the players did it all for me.”

“I just stood and listened as they spoke to each other, ‘Come on, we can do this’, ‘We are better than them’, ‘We are different class’.” “I just let it go on and then said to them you have said it all.”

“All I told them was that they will be disappointed to leave there with nothing because we were the better team with more to play for – we were playing for our lives.”

“We’ve got some great leaders here and that showed on Sunday.”

It’s strange that the team struggled so much early, on when you consider the way the team has been playing since the Blackburn game, with only a couple of poor performance in there, which was the second half at Liverpool and the first half at Birmingham,.

But apart from those two bad halves, the team has otherwise played at a high standard going forward all the time.
This all looks so good for next season because Kevin has molded a strong team from the players he has, and with another 4 or 5 top players in during the summer, our squad will be so much better. It doesn’t look like we need too many new players and remember, we have a lot of the youngsters coming though for next season too.

Things are certainly starting to look up – but we also need to win as many of the last 6 games as we can – starting on Saturday against Reading.

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