Keegan Admits Going 4-3-3 Was Big Gamble

Kevin Keegan has told the Shields Gazette this morning that he took a big chance when he fielded a 4-3-3 formation at Birmingham, and certainly in the first half, it just didn’t work.


Kevin Keegan with assistant coach Chris Hughton

Kevin told the Gazette:

“I just saw them in training, and just wanted to get some more goals into the side.”“I just felt I’d like to play the team I’d like myself to see play.”

“Had it been pre-season, it wouldn’t have been in any way a risk, but it was at Birmingham, where had it backfired, it could have been disastrous for us.”

“But sometimes in our situation, where we were up against the wall a bit, you have to take what looks a bit like a gamble.”

But just importantly, the new 4-3-3 formation has seen Newcastle keep two clean sheets and has no doubt brought the best out of our midfield trio of Nicky Butt, Geremi and Joey Barton.

But it was a master-stroke by Keegan, and it’s working very well indeed. It’s still an open question as to what formation Kevin will play next season, but that will depend on exactly who Kevin brings in for our midfield and attack reinforcements during the summer.

We’d like to see him keep a 4-3-3 formation because it allows us to field more strikers, and seemingly to score more goals.

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