Sir Bobby Robson Speaks – Talks Sense As Usual

Sir Bobby Robson fancies Chelsea to beat Liverpool in the semi finals of the European Champions League.


Sir Bobby Robson – England should have qualified for Euro 2008

Bobby is always worth listening to because he always talks a lot of sense.

This is what Sir Bobby had to say today about the Premier League and the England team:

“Everyone has been talking about Manchester United and Liverpool and Arsenal. Fair enough, but Chelsea gave been chipping away and getting good results. They create very well and maybe have the best and deepest squad.“Liverpool v Chelsea is a close call but the second leg is at Stamford Bridge this time and that could make the difference.

“At Anfield, Liverpool have just seemed time after time in European matches to have this ability to be able to pull something out of the bag.” “But when you see our Premier League, which is probably the best league in Europe, it’s hard to understand that we haven’t qualified for Euro 2008.”

“At the same time you only really need to develop 25 top players.” “The influx of foreign players have enhanced our league, there’s no doubt. You cannot say that the likes of Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez, and Michael Essien haven’t enhanced our league – of course they have.

“But all you need to do is develop and find and search for 25 top players and, despite the influence of foreign players, we should be able to do that.”

Whoever wins the Chelsea Liverpool tie it’s going to be another great two games, just like the recent Arsenal Liverpool games were.  It really shows English football of to great effect on the world stage.

We think England’s failure to qualify was more lack of mental toughness than anything else and team selection wasn’t too inspired either. There’s no question we have good English players, but when push comes to shove, too many of them give the impression the big stage is too much for them.

Just remember how the England players walked up to take their penalties against Portugal in the 2006 World Cup – most of them looked like they were about to face the firing squad. Owen Hargreaves was the only player who showed the right attitude, and we don’t think it was a coincidence he played most of his football in Germany. They never seem to lose these penalty shoot-outs, and never seem to miss a single penalty.

Steve McClaren picked his England team last year on reputation, rather than current form, and that was one of the reasons we didn’t qualify. It’s good to see new Italian manager Fabio Capello not care too much for reputation, and also put in place some common sense rules about who will be selected.

You must be playing first team football and in-form to play for England. What a concept – sounds good to us.

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