Keegan Gives Players Vision – Bracewell

Paul Bracewell – who played for both Newcastle United and Sunderland, says confidence among the Newcastle players is high as they prepare for this weekend’s Tyne-Wear derby.


Paul Bracewell – former Newcastle and Sunderland midfielder

Paul, who is now 45, has the unwanted distinction of never winning the FA Cup, but playing for the losing finalists on four occasions, in 1985, 1986 and 1989 with Everton and in 1992 with Sunderland.

Paul said today:

“It’s important to go into the week with confidence high. I’ve spoken to a lot of people lately about Kevin and as a player you know exactly what he’s about.”“One thing that was the same for Newcastle the first time, as well as at Fulham and Man City – he gives the players a vision.”

“Don’t forget the players have changed and the club has changed, but he hasn’t changed his style.” “The team is playing this 4-3-3 formation and Kevin will be wanting to finish the season as high as possible.”

“I know there were people who had doubts when he came back, but Kevin has turned it round in his favor. The three up front is exciting but it is well structured. You have players like Nicky Butt who know their job and give the team some protection.”

It’s very true that Kevin wants to finish as high up the table as possible and if we can get 4 wins in our last 4 games or even 10 points from those games we’ll have a good shot at overtaking Tottenham and West Ham, and at least finish in the top half of the table.

But it’s wins and 3 points that will be important in the run-in, no more of these draws like we had at Portsmouth, which set us back a little on Saturday.

If we can finish the four games with a winning streak it will also set up nicely the summer transfer season, and surely Mike Ashley will give Kevin the cash he needs to ensure European qualification next season. We certainly hope so.

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  • HeronMag

    Apr 16, 2008 at 1:56 PM

    Comment #1

    I still remember Bracewell’s debut goal against Southend. Cracking strike!

    Bracewell knows Keegan’s vision. Nice to hear another former player giving KK support.

  • JJ

    Apr 16, 2008 at 3:19 PM

    Comment #2

    I decided to do a Tom Toon and go look for players I think would raise our squad a level.
    But I found that there are well known players I really feel we would have a realistic chance at getting that would be superb additions.
    Lets look at the positions:
    Given and Harper = excellent and covered.
    Beye (excellent)
    Tals (V Good and young)
    Faye (solid and strong)
    Enrique (V good and young)
    Could use strengthening, ie: more pace and strength.
    I suggest (1) Lucio, or (2) Per Mertesacker or (3) Yobo – would all be expensive but worth it.
    Bring in Bridge at LB.
    Def Midfield: Geremi (good), Butt (V good), Barton (V good).
    Could definately be strengthened, so I suggest:
    Tim Borowski, Sissoko, Tymoschuk, Makalele, Seb Kehl.
    All are good passers and strong no nonsense tacklers. Borowski also has a mean long shot.
    Att midfield: Emre (good), N Zogbia (good and young), Duff (good), Milner (good).
    I feel we are covered on the flanks but need more creativity in the middle, so I suggest:
    Tim Borowski (again), Jon Obi Mikel, Arshavin, and Kim Kallstrom.
    All except Arshavin are once again strong and physical.
    Arshavin is very skillful and creative as well as versitile.
    Strikers: Well we have Owen (exellent), Martins (exellent) and Viduka (excellent). I feel Carrol has a lot to prove and should go out on loan for a season, so we need another big man up front, so I suggest: Crouch, Ashton, Gudjonssen, Gomis.
    All are skillfull, powerful and creative and strong in the air.
    My picks from the buch would be:
    Defense: *Yobo, but unlikely, so *Mertesacker but *Lucio would be great too.
    Def Midfield: For next season, *Makalele – exellent player who could rotate with Butt as they are both getting on a bit.
    Att midfield: Probably *Borowski to add a physical presence and *Arshvin as well to add creativity and flair also both good at set pieces.
    Striker: I would go for*
    Crouch, very underated and even more skillful with the ball on the ground. Not as a target man. Otherwise take a gamble on Gomis. Get *Gudjonnsen to play an Owen like role behind the front two.

    (DC) Yobo or Mertesacker – 10Mil
    (DL) Bridge – 5 Mil
    (DM) Makalele – 1M
    (AM) Borowski (10M) and Arshavin (7M)
    (ST) Crouch (9M)
    (ST) Gudjonssen (7M)

    Total: 49Mil spent

    Sell: Ramage (1M); Carr (1M), Ameobi (2M), Emre (3M), Smith (3M) = 11M.

    Total 38Mil spent.

  • JJ

    Apr 16, 2008 at 3:27 PM

    Comment #3

    The team:


    Beye—Tals/Faye —Mertscker— Brdge/Enrque


    Arshav /Geremi/Barton—–Borowski/Duff/Zog



    Just a bit of quality there hey? And its all very possible.

    Or am i just dreaming like everyone else!

  • Tom_Toon

    Apr 16, 2008 at 3:32 PM

    Comment #4

    Borowski has already agrred a move to Bayern.

    Beye Faye Alves Enrique
    Barton Petre Guardado
    Viduka Martins

    Subs: Given, Taylor, Geremi, Butt, Milner, Emre, Carroll

  • Graham

    Apr 16, 2008 at 3:53 PM

    Comment #5

    Ed, Easy tiger, we’re not world beaters after 3 wins you know. Yes confidence is high and the lads are starting to play football the way it should be played; but Tottenham aprt (who were crap by the way) – who have we won against who should be up there in the top 6?

    As for the draw against Portsmouth setting us back a little – we got exactly what Man Utd., Chelsea and Arsenal got at Fratton Park so I cant see where that has set us back. I for one would have settled for a draw before the game – theyre not chasing a european place for nothing you know – just like we’re not in the bottom half for nothing…

    4 wins out of the last 4 games is a little optomistic – especially with Chelsea and Everton as our final 2 games. If we get 7 or eight points over the next 4 games i’ll be a happy man going into the transfer window.

    Its great being optomistic – I would love 4 wins, but you have to be realistic at the same time – 3 wins against relegation contenders and a team who’s season is already over isn’t much to shout about.

  • HonoraryGeordie

    Apr 16, 2008 at 4:11 PM

    Comment #6

    off topic but oh well…Joaquin?! I saw this guy at a tournament a few years ago and thought he was the dogs tezza’s, and then I heard he had got a big move to Valencia and thought he would go on to be known as the best winger in the world…since then, my flat mate kindly informs me when I mention him, that he is a perennial bench warmer?! Is this true?! And if so, why not invite him up to experience the lovely Geordie weather and women, and add some pace to the team?!

    I only wish for two things in my life right now, one is Joaquin and the other Ashton!

    Beye——-Taylor ———- Faye —— Bull

    Joaquin ———— Barton ———— Zog


    ————Ashton ——— Martins

  • moomfan

    Apr 16, 2008 at 4:29 PM

    Comment #7

    can someone please help me understand exactly what the $#&*@ did roy keane do as a player, that warrants the media to write abiut him, as if he will be or ever was legendary? seriously… i know he played with passion and was part of manure for some championships, yeah… but they had spent tons of money buying players to get their glory, as they still do. as a matter of fact, other than grit, i can think of at least eight : beckham, scholes, cole, york, ferdinand, nevilles, cantona, rud van… i,m sorry, i meant to say 38 other manu and or irish footballers that were of better quality and contributed more than this rough riding cowboy. he has been good enough for sunderland, no doubt, but keane is not in the class of the top 1000 footballers or managers. point blank . we are going to tear them to pieces come weekend.

  • Tripp

    Apr 16, 2008 at 4:42 PM

    Comment #8

    I wouldn’t say the draw was a setback. We gained a point on Hammers. Would have loved a win, but the point was deserved.

  • Graham

    Apr 17, 2008 at 8:00 AM

    Comment #9

    moomfan – I know this is late and no-one will be here to read it but Roy Keane was like Shearer. He held the team together in rough times. He was a battler, a leader. He admits himself he wasn’t a brilliant footballer – but neither was Shearer. Neither were in the mold of the world greats but they were leaders.

    Far from sticking up for the unwashed manager – but you seem very out of touch and suggest you do some thinking before engaging your typing finger


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