Newcastle Still Interested in Deco

We don’t know if this is recirculated story or something new – but news again today that Kevin Keegan may want to tempt the Portuguese Brazilian-born midfielder Deco to St. James’ Park.


Deco – could do a job at Newcastle for next 3 seasons

Deco played in both games for Barcelona against Manchester United in the semi-finals of the European Champions League during the last week, so you would think Barcelona still think highly of him.

He is no doubt still a very skillful creative player and could do well in the Premier League.

It’s also not beyond the realm of possibility that he could be attracted to be a corner-stone of Newcastle new exciting team under Kevin Keegan, and no doubt will be told of what Kevin did in the 1990s with Newcastle United, if he doesn’t know the story already.

Deco is a proven player and can do the job at Newcastle we think, and although the transfer fee of £8M, may be high for a 30 year-old, he could do a job for the club in the next 3 seasons and wouldn’t be much of a risk.

We’re sure that’s the way Kevin will be thinking, and Deco’s experience would also be a big help to Newcastle’s younger players.

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